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By: Tricia Ekas. Hannah Rain : Victim Montgomery Rain : Hannah’s Mother Carter Rain : Hannah’s Father Mr. Romanelli : Hannah’s teacher Sophia Mendarez : Mr. Romanelli’s friend Kline White : Local Barcelona man.

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By: Tricia Ekas

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By: Tricia Ekas

  • Hannah Rain: Victim

  • Montgomery Rain: Hannah’s Mother

  • Carter Rain: Hannah’s Father

  • Mr. Romanelli: Hannah’s teacher

  • Sophia Mendarez: Mr. Romanelli’s friend

  • Kline White: Local Barcelona man

  • Hannah Rain was kidnapped from her hotel in Barcelona, Spain on June 15, 2010.

Mr. Romanelli was arriving back at the hotel room after having dinner with Hannah. When he arrived, he realized Hannah was no longer in the hotel.

  • Montgomery Rain was at dinner with her husband, Carter, when she received a phone call from Mr. Romanelli saying that her daughter was missing.

  • Montgomery Rain

  • Professional photographer

  • Observant and persistant

  • Catch phrase: never

  • Motive: Teacher who Hannah is in a relationship with.

  • Opportunity: Took her to Spain with his travel class.

  • Went out with friends when he discovered Hannah was missing.

  • Clue 1: He was the last one to see Hannah before she went missing.

  • Clue 2: He often got mad at Hannah for talking to other guys.

  • Clue 3: He is not up set about Hannah’s disappearance.

  • Motive: She knows about Mr. Romanelli and Hannah’s relationship and is jealous.

  • Opportunity: Sophia travels to Spain without anyone knowing.

  • Seen at the bar with Mr. Romanelli after Mr. Romanelli called Montgomery stating her daughter was missing.

  • Clue 1: Sophia does not like Hannah and is often mean to her.

  • Clue 2: Sophia’s behavior changed when Hannah went missing.

  • Clue 3: Sophia’s trip to Spain that she’s “always wanted to take”.

  • Motive: Kline is in love with Hannah and will do anything to get her as his girlfriend.

  • Opportunity: Lives in Spain

  • Kline was said to have been acting

    suspicious by friends and family.

  • Clue 1: Hannah leads Kline on at a bar and when he finds out she is dating Mr. Romanelli, he gets mad.

  • Clue 2: Kline’s is from Spain and he knows most places and people in Barcelona.

  • Clue 3: Kline is not seen after Hannah’s disappearance.

  • Picture of Hannah and Mr. Romanelli in Sophia’s hotel room.

  • Mr. Romanelli’s was not bothered by Hannah’s disappearance.

    • Did not try to look for her.

  • Kline has been known for “getting what he wants”.

    • There was a video of Hannah going into the hotel she was staying at in Kline’s house.

  • Mr. Romanelli was simply mad at Hannah for talking to other guys and was happy for time away to think about their relationship.

  • Sophia was visiting family in Spain that no one knew she had.

  • Although Sophia disliked Hannah, she did not realize she was missing when she was with Mr. Romanelli at the bar.

  • Sophia had the picture of Mr. Romanelli in her hotel room because she was obsessed with Mr. Romanelli.

  • Kidnapped Hannah!!

    • Snuck into the hotel restaurant where Hannah and Mr. Romanelli were dining.

    • Kidnaps Hannah when Mr. Romanelli pays the bill.

      • Mr. Romanelli believes Hannah has just gone back to the room.

  • Hannah’s mother, Montgomery, finds Hannah tied up in Kline’s apartment two weeks later.

  • Kline is arrested and sent to Barcelona’s


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