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Student International Business Council (SIBC). Position Descriptions – Spring 2010 Elections Peace through Commerce. Executive Board. Leadership.

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Student international business council sibc

Student International Business Council (SIBC)

Position Descriptions – Spring 2010 Elections

Peace through Commerce


  • Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. Thomas Jefferson

  • I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?

    Benjamin Disraeli

  • The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it.

    Theodore Roosevelt



  • In charge of all SIBC related matters

  • Hold’s weekly all-council, board and advisor meetings

  • Manages all operations & delegates responsibility to board members

  • Creates projects & arranges speakers – Peace through Commerce

  • Sits on SBA Directors Advisory Board

  • Contact with ND, BC & IBC

  • Upholds relations with Dean of Business School, President of USD & Benefactor


  • Innovative, passionate, organized & ability to multi-task

  • Candidate for Lucca Leadership Conference

Vice president


  • Assist the President in meeting goals of SIBC

  • Representative for events & meetings (ICC, AS)

  • Create New Projects & planning for speakers

  • Takes role as President in President’s Absence

  • Close relationship with President


  • Organized, motivated, & dependable

  • Candidate for the Lucca Leadership Conference

Chief financial officer cfo
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


  • The backbone of SIBC

  • In charge of $700,000 Endowment

  • Creates and manages operating budget

  • Duties of collecting, recording, & depositing any/all funds

  • Approve all expenditures, while keeping with vision of “Peace through Commerce”

  • Keep accurate records – can be requested at any time by President, Advisor, Dean and/or Benefactor


  • Financial background, organized, logical & grounded

  • Candidate for the Lucca Leadership Conference

Strategic planning director
Strategic Planning Director


  • Long term planner of objectives:

    • Finances

    • Marketing

    • Membership

    • Projects

  • Leads Strategic Planning Meetings (2 per semester)

  • Solves current problems with feasible solutions

  • Projects reasonable and obtainable goals per semester

  • Utilizes vision of Peace through Commerce in plans


  • Goal oriented, realistic, & organized

Marketing director
Marketing Director


  • Advertises the essence of SIBC:

    • Flyers

    • Event Promotions (Alcala Bazaar, Guayaki)

    • Speakers

    • Bulletin Board

  • Leads the Marketing Project(s)

  • Displays SIBC as the best club on campus

  • Delivers convincing pitches


  • Creative, effective group skills & excellent communication skills

Internship director
Internship Director


  • Discover domestic & International work experience opportunities

  • Provide Internships that:

    • Increase self-awareness

    • Give real-world experiences

    • Exposure to “Peace through Commerce”

  • Networking beyond own social network

  • Interview SIBC candidates


  • Persistent, hard working, international background (preferred) & a “networker”

Membership director
Membership Director


  • In charge of each and every SIBC member

  • Assists President in allocating member to projects

  • Manages emails to members & updates membership database

  • Representative at Alcala Bazaar

  • Coordinates relations with Alumni & keeps strong alumni database


  • Exceptional organizational skills, good communicator & a motivated recruiter

Secretary event director
Secretary & Event Director


  • To ensure smooth transition from board meeting to exec board

  • Prompt attendance at every all-council meeting & board meeting

  • Interpret all issues discussed at board meetings, organize them, & email meeting notes to all board members

  • Plan & organize events (End of year dinner, holiday parties, speaker events)

  • Work with President & CFO for events


  • Extremely organized, good note taker, outgoing & reliable