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From Topic to Title. Otherwise known as…... HELP!. The best topic for you is one that you find “in your own backyard”. Biggest Mistake THINKING you have to have an idea (problem) already defined. You TRY to make a problem appear by MAGIC.

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Biggest Mistake backyard”THINKING you have to have an idea (problem) already defined

So what do you like

Animals backyard”






Talking on the telephone



issues about the environment

So, what do you like?

Now, go backyard”READ something about your project.

Then you come back with

What makes a person be involved with gangs? (people) backyard”

How can I best train my dog? (animals)

Then you come back with

Does the length of the training session with a dog have a marked difference in whether the animal retains the skill? (animals)

Does violence on television have a greater detrimental effect on children between the ages of 3 & 6 or 6 & 12? (television)

Now you are on your way to an to tune an instrument? (music)AWARD WINNING Project

Set a goal for yourself
Set a goal for yourself! to tune an instrument? (music)

  • I will read or think about my project ________ minutes or hours a week until I come up with an idea!

Next develop a hypothesis to tune an instrument? (music)

This will tell you to tune an instrument? (music)HOW to test the problem

Collect data and analyze! to tune an instrument? (music)

GOOD LUCK! to tune an instrument? (music)


HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Presented for the Dallas Morning News Get and Edge Workshop to tune an instrument? (music)

August 27, 2005


Karen Shepherd

Research Sponsor

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2200 independence Parkway

Plano, Texas 75075

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