Junior college night seminar community college
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Junior College Night Seminar: Community College. October 16, 2013. What are we going to learn?. Who is my son/daughter’s counselor? Boosting the resume Career/Technical School information Community College Information Testing Questions. Meet the Staff. Sophomore-Senior

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Junior college night seminar community college

Junior College Night Seminar:Community College

October 16, 2013

What are we going to learn
What are we going to learn?

  • Who is my son/daughter’s counselor?

  • Boosting the resume

  • Career/Technical School information

  • Community College Information

  • Testing

  • Questions

Meet the staff
Meet the Staff


  • Angie Daurer: A-D

  • Patty Zacharias: E-K

  • Wayne Russell: L-Mc (& Hi-Cohort)

  • Toni Klein (Amy Sharp): Me-Sa

  • Tanya Thomas: Sc-Z

    Freshman Counselor:

  • Karen Miller

Student services
Student Services

Welcome to Student Services


Boost your resume
Boost Your Resume

  • Get involved now!

    • If your son/daughter’s grades aren’t what you were hoping, there are still scholarships available.

      • Two examples:

        • Horatio Alger Association Scholarship: This scholarship provides financial assistance to students throughout the nation who have financial need and have exhibited integrity and perseverance in overcoming personal adversity.

        • Prudential Spirit of Community Award: This award/scholarship recognizes those students who have distinguished themselves through volunteer work.

Boost your resume1
Boost Your Resume

  • Remember what you’ve done in the past

  • Start a notebook (digital or handwritten) of “stuff”

    • Freshman through senior year

      • Unless you can show long term commitment. i.e., instruments, boy scouts/girl scouts, dance, etc.

  • https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/get-started/video-transcription/is-participating-in-a-lot-of-activities-important

  • https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/get-started/video-transcription/do-colleges-want-quality-or-a-quantity-of-activities

Boost your resume2
Boost Your Resume

  • What types of activities should go on my resume?

    • Summer workshops

    • Volunteering

    • Class trips

    • Lessons

    • Tutoring

    • Internships

    • Anything exemplary

    • Clubs

    • Sports

Career technical

  • Includes majors such as health field, culinary, manufacturing, automotive, fire science, electronics, electricity

  • Can attend career schools as well as community college

  • May pay a total cost and attend until finishedor pay per term with typical college-type breaks

  • Military: Contact a recruiter now

  • ASVAB: Take it! It’s free (regardless of entering military or not).

    • It’s NOT an aptitude test

Community college
Community College

One of two options:

  • Earn certificate or degree Work!

  • Attend and transfer to 4 year college

    • Can transfer before 2 year associates or with associates degree

  • Research with the community college where you want to transfer.

    • Work with academic advisor to help you choose classes that will transfer to your chosen university.

Community college1
Community College

  • Grades

    • 2 year attendance = college grades

    • >2 year attendance = high school and college

  • ACT

    • Only important for placement tests

    • Universities do not look at ACT score with associates

  • Application is senior year—see our school counselor

Community college2
Community College



  • Cheaper

  • Designed to explore options

  • Not ready to live on own

  • Higher rate of success at 4 year school as a transfer.

  • More individualized teaching

  • Improve chances of attending four year college of choice

  • Degree programs are designed to get you working

  • Seen as an extension of high school with same peers attending

  • Friends not attending might be distraction

  • Able to transfer credit?

  • If working, job demands may interfere with college performance.

  • Less commitment possible


**Can take up to 6 times per year

36 max score

21 average score

22.4 Huntley’s average score

3.5 hours –it is an endurance test

Recommend students take 2+ times


Test Date Registration Deadline Late Deadline

Practice ACT:

October 29, 2013 Periods 1-5

All juniors will take this test!


February 2014

Act psae

ACT/PSAE: April 23 and 24th

Day 1: ACT with writing

Day 2: Work Keys- State tests

Why take this seriously?

  • Your scores follow you around (transcripts, employers want to know)

  • It can balance a low GPA

  • Show consistency

  • It is an APTITUDE test. What do you know? What did you learn?

  • 1 specific criterion used to compare all students.