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Molly katherine sams
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Molly Katherine Sams. Fifteen year old, Freshman. Williamstown High School.(:. About mee(:.

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Molly Katherine Sams

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Molly katherine sams

Molly KatherineSams

Fifteen year old, Freshman.

Williamstown High School.(:

About mee

About mee(:

I’m fifteen, and a freshman at Williamstown High School. My birthdays March thirty first, of 1995. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. My parents are divorced, and have been for 9 years. I have two best friends that I've known since kindergarten, Ashley and Kayla, and Bethany since fourth, and Anna since seventh. I know whenever I need them,. they’d be there in a heart beat. I love them all! I’m always doing something with Ashley and Kayla. No matter what, I'm seriously always with them. I have the most fun when I'm with them. They know all the secrets about me. Haha, I love them with all my heart. I have a boyfriend, Kody Rhyne. I love him with all my heart, and I never wanna lose him. <3

March 31 st 1995

March 31st, 1995

Length: 21 inches

Weight: 7lbs 15oz

Time: 2:33pm.

Camden Clark Memorial Hospital.



I went to Franklin Elementary for preschool, and I went to Waverly Elementary from kindergarten through six grade. In kindergarten, we a had a total of 12 kids. 5 boys, 7 girls. When I finished six grade we had only 13. we all grew up together, and knew each other like the back of our hands. It was little, yet it was the best school I think anyone could ever go to.

About my dad

About my Dad.

My Dads my best friend. We do everything together, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. In the last couple of years we’ve become a lot closer. I love my dad with all my heart and I’m glad I’ve got him. ♥

Molly katherine sams

My mom and I have a lot of fun together when we can. She works a lot and we never have anytime to do anything, were not as close anymore, because she's never home. I love my mom to death, and I’m glad she’s mine.

My sibling

My Sibling.

I have two sisters, and one brother. I have a sister named Jennifer, she’s 25, married, and she has two kids; Riley and Cameron. Sara, my other sister is 28. She’s deaf, and she lives in Cincinnati Ohio. I have one brother, Michael, he’s 23 were the closest, he’s the best big brother in the whole wide world. I love all of them.

Niece and nephew

Niece and Nephew! (:



What i want to be when i m older

What I want to be when I’m older.

  • I want to be a pediatric surgeon. I’ve wanted to be in the medical field since I was little. I want to attend the University of Colorado. I’m not going to college right after I graduate, I want to take a year off, then go.

Freeee timee

Freeee timee!

In my free time, I like to hang with Ashley and Kayla, and Kody. I ride four wheelers, all the time. I love to be outside, and I’m always doing something fun. My family means the world to me, and I love spending time with them. <3

Molly katherine sams

Best Friends!♥




Molly katherine sams


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