Empowering women through corporate responsibility and best practice
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Empowering Women through Corporate Responsibility and Best Practice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Empowering Women through Corporate Responsibility and Best Practice. Dr. Elisabeth Kelan. 50:30:10. Gender Diversity and CSR . Based on Human Capital Management, CSR reporting and Indexes for SRI and CSR, gender issues are not mainstreamed in CSR in the UK (Grosser and Moon 2005)

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50:30:10 Practice

Gender diversity and csr l.jpg
Gender Diversity and CSR Practice

  • Based on Human Capital Management, CSR reporting and Indexes for SRI and CSR, gender issues are not mainstreamed in CSR in the UK (Grosser and Moon 2005)

  • CSR leadership gendered masculine

    • Around 15% of authors of CSR/CR books on Amazon in 2005 were written by women (Marshall 2007)

  • Lack of student textbooks on CSR which include debates on gender and diversity

    • In one of the better books 1.5% of the pages were on discrimination and diversity

    • Diversity = workplace discrimination

Gender diversity as opportunity l.jpg
Gender Diversity as Opportunity Practice

  • Innovative potential

    • Having 50% men and 50% women in teams turns innovation indicators positive (Gratton, Kelan et al. 2007b)

  • Women make 83% of consumer decisions (Thomson and Graham 2005)

  • Often assumptions about women as consumers are wrong

    • Only 9% of women like pink phones

    • UK market loosing $900 million (www.ladygeek.org.uk)

Responsible management education l.jpg
Responsible Management Education Practice

  • Most MBA schools now teach business ethics and CSR as core part of course

  • However diversity is often not addressed

  • Business education

    • teaches students to manage like a man

    • does not transmit the potential of gender diversity (Maitland 2008 and Kelan & Dunkley Jones forthcoming)

Best practice to inspire women l.jpg
Best Practice to Inspire Women Practice

  • Counting women

  • Flexible work arrangements

  • Networks

  • Developing women as leaders

    (Gratton, Kelan et al 2007a)

Your concept car at volvo l.jpg
Your Concept Car at Volvo Practice

A car designed by women for all people

(Gratton, Kelan et al 2007a,b)

Underused synergies l.jpg
Underused Synergies Practice

(Wilson 1995)

Contact details l.jpg
Contact Details Practice

Dr. Elisabeth Kelan

Department of Management

King’s College London

[email protected]lisabeth-kelan.net

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References 2 l.jpg
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