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Learning survival skills is a must these days because you cannot tell what could fall on your face. One such unpredictable calamity is an earthquake, which can be both destructive and life threatening. Read more.

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Earthquake Safety In Vancouver - Common Survival Mistakes Yo...

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Earthquake safety in vancouver common survival mistakes you need to avoid




Learning survival skills is a must these days because you cannot tell what could fall on your face. One such

unpredictable calamity is an earthquake, which can be both destructive and life threatening. Being able to carry out

your survival exercises can save your life, but no matter if you are trained or not, earthquake safety in Vancouver is

really important. By that we mean one should be prepared for it in advance.

Well, many people follow seismic Vancouver safety programs seriously, but in certain circumstances, people commit

silly mistakes which can result in being costly for them and their family. If you are planning your own earthquake

preparedness plan, make sure you are not committing these blunders during the planning stage:

Mistake 1: Do not center all your resources and time in preparing for a single crisis. What I mean to say here

is that in today’s times, several threats may occur that may or may not be related to the event you are

actually prepared for. Say, an earthquake may be followed by hyperinflation, social unrests or even other

natural calamities such as floods. Remember –your emergency supplies shouldn’t be crisis specific. Instead,

focus on basics.

Mistake 2: Do not pool all your supplies together in one basket. Anything can happen during an earthquake.

Your plan to stay put at one place may not work. What if you and your family are needed to change locations

frequently? The fact about supplies is that you can never have too much, and planning ahead is the key to

survival. A wiser step would be to divide your cache of supplies to different locations around you. Also,

include a plan to live in the different location and learn how to survive outside, just in case.

Mistake 3: Stashing what’s not really important can be a bad thing. Do not waste your money on buying the

things that won’t matter in the times of crises. Remember, money also falls on the list of crucial things when

there is a disaster. So, it would be better to save some. If you are not sure what will you need and what not,

you can try to figure it out via searching it on the internet.

Mistake 4: Too much dependency upon equipment and supplies can also be bad. Your supplies are not

eternal. They will run out sometime.But does that mean your days are over? Well, if you have a well thought

out survival-plan, that won’t happen. Suppose you run out of drinking water. Now, what’s next? In such

cases, you should have a backup plan which includes portable water purifiers. Have knowledge of the tools

necessary to work around emergencies.

Mistake 5: Discussing too much about your plans. It is okay that you want to share your knowledge, but

boasting unnecessarily about your earthquake preparednessand planning and discussing it with wrong

people can destroy your well-inclined survival plan from the start. You can be a soft target for ill-motived

people and can fall in serious consequences. And believe us, it will be a real disaster.

For detail information and tips for earthquake preparedness in Portland and Vancouver, visit the site


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