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GLW + ADS. Y. Horii and K. Trabelsi. GLW: B  DK, D  CP eigenstates ADS: B  DK, D  K p. HFAG inputs exist for r D and d D. Similar observable s for B  D * K . Additional parameters are only r * B and d * B (large gain expected).

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Y. Horii and K. Trabelsi

  • GLW: BDK, DCP eigenstates

  • ADS: BDK, DKp

HFAG inputs exist for rD and dD.

Similar observables for BD*K.

Additional parameters are onlyr*B and d*B (large gain expected).

GLW and ADS observables can be combined to obtainf3 (and rB, dB).

Expected sensitivity is 15-20°. Aim to obtain a result this summer.

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K. Trabelsi

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K. Trabelsi

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K. Trabelsi

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Y. Horii

Status for ADS

Belle: DK (772M BB, submitted to PRL)

BaBar: DK+D*K (467M BB), DK* (379M BB), D(Kpp0)K (226M BB)

CDF: DK (5 fb-1)

D*K ADS will provide additional information for f3.

Will analyze D*K ADS for this summer. (Expected yield ~20 events.)

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Y. Horii

Calibration modes for D*K ADS are well reconstructed (Exp.7-65, Case A).



BR(D*K)/BR(D*p) = 0.079 ± 0.006






= 0.081 ± 0.009



PDG D*K/D*p = 0.080 ± 0.007

Will use case-B samples.

Will include a qq suppression using NeuroBayes (2-D fit on DE and NB).

Hopefully apply simultaneous fit to DK and D*K.

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Y. Horii + K. Trabelsiwith A. Poluektov (?)

An improved measurement of f3 can be obtained from “GLW + ADS +GGSZ.”

Observables for GGSZ:

±stat ±syst ±syst(model independent)

Since x± and y± are functions of f3, rB, and dB (same as GLW and ADS),we can combine the observables for GLW, ADS, andGGSZ.

The correlations for x± and y± can be handled by using experimental likelihoods.

Expected sensitivity ~ 10°.

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