C ommonwealth of pennslyvania commuter benefits program
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C OMMONWEALTH OF PENNSLYVANIA COMMUTER BENEFITS PROGRAM. Agenda. Introduction to the Commonwealth’s Commuter Benefits Program Overview of Commuter Benefits TransitCenter Solutions – Products and Services How the Program Works How You Can Enroll. Introducing the

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C ommonwealth of pennslyvania commuter benefits program



  • Introduction to the Commonwealth’s Commuter Benefits Program

  • Overview of Commuter Benefits

  • TransitCenter Solutions – Products and Services

  • How the Program Works

  • How You Can Enroll

Introducing the

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Commuter Benefits Program

A Great Way for You to Save Money

Commonwealth s commuter benefits program
Commonwealth’s Commuter Benefits Program

  • With the Commonwealth’s Commuter Benefits Program, you can take home more of what you earn!

    • Thanks to a special provision in Federal law, Internal Revenue Code Section 132 (f), you can save money every time you commute by public transportation

      • Whether you take a bus, train, subway or qualified vanpool you can save money every time you commute

      • And, if you currently drive to work, consider using public transportation as a less expensive alternative to paying for fuel and parking

Commonwealth s commuter benefits program1
Commonwealth’s Commuter Benefits Program

  • When you enroll in the Commuter Benefits Program, you will be able to use your pre-tax salary to pay for commuting costs

  • That means you will payless in taxes and take homemore of what you earn

  • Set aside up to $110* per month/$1,320 per year to pay for your commute

    *Amount can change annually; this is the amount for 2007.

Take home more of what you earn
Take Home More Of What You Earn

  • Here’s an example of how much you can save

  • The columns show the difference in take home pay with and without deductions for Federal Income Tax, Social Security, and Medicare

  • In this example, $23 is saved each month

Commonwealth s commuter benefits program2
Commonwealth’s Commuter Benefits Program

  • It’s a win/win!

  • You win by

    • Using pre-tax dollars to pay for commuting expenses which saves money

    • Receiving convenient transit products to pay for commuting costs

  • The environment wins with

    • Reduced traffic congestion

    • Improved air quality

Available transit providers
Available Transit Providers

  • There are approximately 70 transit providers serving Pennsylvania

    • Bus

    • Train

    • Subway

    • Qualified Vanpool

  • For a complete list of providers, visit the website or contact your Human Resource Office

Product overview
Product Overview

  • Based on the transit provider you use, you will receive one of the following transit products to pay for your commuting costs:

    • TransitChek QuickPay® Card

    • TransitChek® Vouchers

    • TransitChek CashBack®

  • Each product is explained further on the next slides

What is the transitchek quickpay card
What is the TransitChek QuickPay® Card?

  • Visa® Debit Card issued by Bank of America

  • Designed to be IRS compliant for mass transit

  • No annual or transaction fees

  • 24/7 access to account information

  • No monthly usage limit

  • No transaction limit

  • Funds rollover month-to-month

  • Quarterly Statements

  • Card is funded on the 23rd of the month

What are transitchek vouchers
What are TransitChek® Vouchers?

  • Like cash

  • Used to buy tickets and transit passes

  • Used for qualified vanpools

  • Accepted in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

  • Vouchers are received by mail before the end of each month

What is transitchek cashback
What is TransitChek CashBack®?

  • Used when the QuickPay Card and Vouchers are not accepted by the transit provider

  • Cash reimbursement for transit expenses

  • Employees submit CashBack Reimbursement form with receipts

  • Reimbursements directly deposited into employee’s checking or savings account within 2 weeks

Tools available
Tools Available

Additional information, including a brochure, Frequently Asked Questions, and contact information is available on the Commuter Benefits Website or by contacting your Human Resource Office


How the program works
How the Program Works

  • You sign-up for a monthly pre-tax payroll deduction equal to, but not more than the $110 maximum. (Under some circumstances, post-tax deductions may also be taken for expenses above $110.)

  • The payroll deduction is automatically taken from your pre-tax salary on the first pay of the month. In addition, a small monthly administration fee of $3.25 is taken from post-tax salary

  • The transit benefit product is made available to you by the end of the month in which the deduction is made from your pay

  • You use the product for expenses in the next month. (Note: This is an after-the-fact benefit, since deductions are taken in one month and used the next month.)

Employee enrollment how do you enroll
Employee Enrollment: How do you enroll?

  • Enrollment is easy and takes just a few minutes

  • There are two ways an employee can enroll:

    • Complete an Enrollment Form available on the website or from your Human Resource Office and mail or fax as directed on the form

    • Or, Call our toll-free number, 1-866-591-2435 to speak with an enrollment technician

Employee enrollment what will you need to enroll
Employee Enrollment: What Will You Need to Enroll?

  • When enrolling, employees will be asked to provide:

    • Employee Personnel Number

    • Last name as it appears in employee records

    • Home zip code

    • The names of all the transit and/or vanpool services regularly used

    • Monthly mass transit or vanpool cost

Employee enrollment enrollment form
Employee Enrollment: Enrollment Form

  • Completed forms should be faxed or mailed to TransitCenter at the number or address provided at the bottom of the form

Customer service available
Customer Service Available

  • Customer service available from 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday (EST) 1(866)823-3248

  • Bi-Lingual Customer Service Representatives

  • 24/7 access to TransitCenter website

  • Employees may also refer questions to their Human Resource Office

On site customer service available
On-Site Customer Service Available

  • Onsite enrollment will be offered for any employee who has questions before enrolling. Depending on the popularity of this service, additional dates may be added in January

    • Dec. 12 – Keystone Bldg. Atrium & Strawberry Square Atrium

    • Dec. 13 – Pittsburgh State Office Building

    • Dec. 14 – Scranton State Office Building

    • Dec. 19 – Philadelphia State Office Building

    • Dec. 20 – Reading State Office Building

  • The service will be provided from 8:00 to 3:00 on each day

What s next
What’s next?

Why wait to save money?

  • Initial Enrollment begins December 11th and continues through January 12, 2007

    • First payroll deduction will be made in February.

    • Transit benefit product available for use in March.

  • Enroll on or before the 9th of any month after the initial enrollment period ends for new enrollments or changes to existing enrollments