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Transcontinental. Transcontinental. Crossing a continent. Prejudice. An unfair, negative opinion that can lead to unjust treatment. Homestead. A settlers home and land. drought. A long period with little or no rain. Assimilate.

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Crossing a continent.


An unfair, negative opinion that can lead to unjust treatment.


A settlers home and land.


A long period with little or no rain.


To change a group’s culture and tradition so that it blends with a larger group.

Cattle Trails

Five major cattle trails led from Texas to the Great Plains railheads.

Black Cowboys of Texas

African Americans that were hungry, over worked, under paid, bored, lonely and that helped on the farms.

Great Western Cattle Trail

Cattle trail from Bandera, Texas to Ogallala, Nebraska.

Chisholm Trail

A trail used in the late 1800’s to drive cattle from ranches in Texas to Kansas railheads.

Westward Expansion

The migration of American settlers moving across the continent to find new places to live, adding to the West.


The act of relocating, or moving to a new location.


A business in which many people own, share, or take part of the business.


  • What occurs when more than one business tries to sell the same goods or service.


  • A company with no competition.

Labor union

  • An organization of workers that try to improve pay and working conditions for its members.


The business of carrying goods or materials from one place to another.


  • When workers refuse to work


  • The commercial production and sale of goods and services


  • To train or employ oneself in a special study or activity


  • A person who takes risks to start a business

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