Amma getting ready for my arrival
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Amma getting ready for my arrival! PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Amma getting ready for my arrival!. Some anxious moments for the family…. Anxiously awaiting the arrival. “Congrats! It’s a baby boy…” My arrival declared. Straight into Atta’s arms. Awestruck Nanna. Amma’s pet! Amnn’t I??. The awesome three some aren’t we? . Grandeur in grandparents’ arms.

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Amma getting ready for my arrival!

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Presentation Transcript

Amma getting ready for my arrival!

Some anxious moments for the family…

Anxiously awaiting the arrival

“Congrats! It’s a baby boy…” My arrival declared

Straight into Atta’s arms..

Awestruck Nanna

Amma’s pet! Amnn’t I??

The awesome three some aren’t we?

Grandeur in grandparents’ arms

Taata and I

‘Great’ grandson that I am

Tasting my first food

In deep contemplation..

Mama Miya

First drive!! Arriving at maternal home

Welcomed and blessed…

Psstt… Who clicked this? Chinna Ammamma giving me a bath

Samb’Rani’ for Sweetu Raju

‘Pedda’ Maama calling me ‘Chinnoda’

No wonder, they say I sleep like a prince

Ritual on the 11th day.. Invoking the divine

Sweetu in the sieve

My first new dress

A snap of the nap

Sleeping Well…

………dreaming sweet

One carries me in the arms…

….. the other on the head!

Oh! My sleeping child..

… Naanna and I caught napping

Kajra re…. Kajra re… mere kare kare naina

My first funky little dude

My first outing... to Atta’s home

Celebrating my first Christmas in Santa’s arms

To smile or not to smile that is the question

Father, son and wholly raw

Now guess what my name is….

Day 21…I was named

Vasudev-Dhamarudhar-Srinivasa-Satya-Naga-Hanumanth-Raghavendra-Rama-Radha Krishna- Advait Gavaravarapu

1st Jan 2007.. Grand entry into paternal home

With Doctor couple, who helped me land on the earth!!

Thumbalina(read as thumb-all-in-ah)

Mogambo hair ishtyle....

  • … And I was one month old

  • – 9-1-07

  • My First Sankranthi..

  • …. ‘Bhogi’ celebrating bhogi

  • Great men contemplate even in sleep

  • Hey! I am two months old now -9-2-07

  • Then followed color’full’ festivals

  • Celebrating my first Holi in all its hues

  • Rang bares… oh! Rang Barse…

  • Soon I completed 3 months..

  • … Nanna got me this coat from Kashmir

  • My first Ugaadi…

  • … Ready for Panchanga Sravanam

  • Dhaka(Bangladesh) se aya mera dress…

  • My first spell in the rain….summer showers ‘07

  • Rama Navami

  • Did you know how baby

  • Rama looked like?

  • This monk blesses

  • with a hand shake…

  • Getting ready for the summer

  • Summer of 2007

  • Ammaa painting Krishna on my shirt…

  • …. It was a gift on my fourth month birthday

  • Krishna on my grand mother’s

  • shoulders?!

  • And grandfather didn’t want to be left behind

  • Tasty toe..

  • Reaching the tree.. I love greenery

  • No time! Got to go for another photo shoot.

  • Executive ishtyle

  • Ching Chong China Man…

  • Check out my Chinese attire!

  • Amma is saying “ My Kanna’s Gold!”

  • All that glitters is indeed gold…

  • Yah! Gold..’mine’

  • ‘‘Pappa’razzi doesn’t leave me at least when I am asleep

  • My first bike ride 7-5-07

  • Playtime… My friends ‘Adithi’ and ‘Hanuman’

  • Just completed 5 months 9-5-07

  • A warm hug from Amma

  • Perhaps teething problems…

  • I am a progressive farmer

  • Dabbling with technology

  • Ready for an evening walk

  • 6 months old 9-6-07

  • … and the world looked like a playground.

  • What a ‘head’ start!

  • Naughtiness unleashed

  • Ding dong bell..

  • Sweetu in the well..

  • who put him in?

  • Sitting up as I entered 8th month 9-7-07

  • Sweety… Sweetu’s

  • yet another avatar..

  • On a chilly evening..

  • welcoming monsoon

  • My bath tub.. a mini-swimming pool

  • One of my favorite sleeping beds

  • Hyderabadi Nawab!

  • On cloud nine… as I completed 8 months

  • Enter nine (months)

  • standing was the new art of mine

  • mmmmm…

  • awesome threesome again

  • India turns 60( 15th Aug, 2007)

  • Getting ready for my first train journey (30, Aug,07)

  • Dinner on wheels

  • Playtime on the upper berth

  • Getting ready to offer my hair 31Aug, ’07 at Thirupati

  • Tonsure and tears

  • Glaborous…

  • Mama, the bald and the beautiful

  • Oh! It was such a fun.. believe me

  • Vipranarayana …..Remember

  • ‘Sounds’ good

  • Krishna and his friends

  • Krishna nee begane baaro…

  • (janmashtami)

  • Creating havoc in ‘war’drobe

  • Saadi ke piche kaun hai…

  • chunri ke neeche kaun hai???

  • “Vakratunda mahakaya…” on Ganesh chathurthi

  • My participation in a

  • fancy dress contest..

  • As Adi Shankaracharya

  • Fetched me first prize!!!!

  • On your mark.. Ready.. Steady.. Get set.. go

  • Entered month 10…

  • started having great fun

  • Participating in the Ganesha idol immersion procession

  • Spearheading the procession

  • Advait G as Gandhiji

  • ….on the first international non-violence day 2nd October 2007

  • Welcome Dasara festivities…learning new skills from amma

  • Soon I mastered the art of drawing rangolis

  • Enter month eleven…

  • venturing on my own (9th Nov 2007)

  • Juggler jack

  • Looking for tissues in

  • Tissue paper

  • Great grand p(r)ix

  • Experiencing common

  • cold for the first time

  • Rolling tears and running nose

  • Making faces… Changing phases

  • Jo Jo Hanuman!!… putting my

  • friend to sleep

  • Aero ‘naughtics’

  • Sparkles of my first Diwali

  • Vivaha bhojanambu….

  • Completed 11 months… Swinging into the twelfth

  • Muddugare yashoda…

  • On my first birth day (9th Dec 2007)

  • Yummm… take a look at the birthday cake

  • Happy birthday to you… ADVAIT G

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