Gigaport next generation network surfnet6
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GigaPort Next Generation Network & SURFnet6 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GigaPort Next Generation Network & SURFnet6. Erik Radius Manager Network Services SURFnet, The Netherlands Joint Techs Workshop Columbus, OH - July 20, 2004. GigaPort/SURFnet5 conclusions. SURFnet5 is still world leading network, but…

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GigaPort Next Generation Network & SURFnet6

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GigaPort Next Generation Network&SURFnet6

Erik Radius

Manager Network Services

SURFnet, The Netherlands

Joint Techs Workshop

Columbus, OH - July 20, 2004

GigaPort/SURFnet5 conclusions

  • SURFnet5 is still world leading network, but…

    • NREN users need new services that current networks cannot support

    • Data communication infrastructures will become part of the Grid and will be integrated in scientific instruments

    • Hybrid networks delivering IP and Lambda Services can meet user demand within budget constraints, using IP-GE-lambda + overprovisioning + KIS

Why Lambda Services?

  • Provides excellent quality on point to point connections at very high speed

  • Protects the routed network

  • Enables demanding applications to make use of the infrastructure in an economically sound way

SURFnet’s new Industry Partners (2004-2010)

  • Optical equipment

  • Ethernet equipment

  • Network management equipment

  • Routing equipment

  • Installation services

  • Maintenance services

SURFnet6 will be based on dark fiber

  • Over 4000 km fiber pairs available today; average price paid for 15 year IRUs: 7 EUR/meter per pair

  • Managed dark fiber infrastructure will be extended with new routes, approx. 1000 km more to be ready for SURFnet6

See also

Metro fiber example (GigaMAN The Hague)

SURFnet6 overview

  • Realization of a next generation hybrid network with seamless end-to-end communication:

    • Based on customer-owned managed dark fiber

    • IP Services and Lambda Services over a single transmission infrastructure managed, via a single control plane

    • Multi-domain networking

    • Ethernet services as part of the WANs

    • Intelligence of networks and the associated responsibilities at the edges

  • Paving the way to a ubiquitous and scalable Services Grid

SURFnet6’s IP Services

  • IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity:

    • Unicast

    • Multicast

  • Small routed core in Amsterdam at two distinct locations

  • Congestion-free (lambda services aid to this!)

  • Resilient

SURFnet6’s Lambda Services

  • Lambda Services: Light Path provisioning

  • Enables users or applications to make, or signal for, service level changes to their layer 2 paths

  • Characteristics:

    • Flexible

    • Economical

    • Reliable

    • High-speed, i.e. 1G or 10G

  • Light Paths aren’t constrained by traditional framing, routing, and transport

So, what are Light Paths?

  • A Light Path has the following characteristics:

    • No packet re-ordering

    • No jitter

    • No drops due to congestion

    • Known end points

  • A Light Path can therefore:

    • Bypass firewalls between trusted parties

    • Enable the use of alternate network or transport protocols

eEVN: European VLBI Network

Data processing centre: 16 Gbps (2005)1 Tbps(2010)





star topology


South Africa

This slide courtesy of Richard Schilizzi <[email protected]>


  • Many data collection points

  • Processing in Groningen

  • Large data sets distributed to many destinations in The Netherlands and abroad







SB ≈ 40 Gb/s

SC ≈ 100 Gb/s


SA ≈ 20 Gb/s





BW requirements

Users: Three categories

  • Lightweight users doing browsing, mailing, home use

    • Need full Internet routing, one to many

  • Business applications, multicast, streaming

    • Need VPN services and full Internet routing, several to several

  • Special scientific applications, computing, data grids, virtual-presence

    • Need very fat pipes, limited multiple Virtual Organizations, few to few

This slide courtesy of Cees de Laat <[email protected]>

Provisioning of IP Services


Border Routers


IP connectivity


Core Routers


Layer 2 / Layer 1 network

Layer 3 functionality

Customer Router


Light Path Provisioning








Layer 3 flowdata collectionand analysis

Light Path Provisioning

via Control Plane




Layer 2 / Layer 1 network

Light Path

Timelines SURFnet6

SURFnet6 will be a showcase for hybrid networks

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