Phaeton and the sun chariot
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PHAETON and the SUN CHARIOT PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PHAETON and the SUN CHARIOT. By : Tommy Sams , Burama Jatta , and Martin Griffin. Phaeton s the son of Clymene (the sea nymph) and the sun god, Apollo. . Your father is Apollo. OH MY ZEUS!!!.

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By : Tommy Sams, BuramaJatta, and Martin Griffin

Phaeton s the son of Clymene(the sea nymph) and the sun god, Apollo.

Your father is Apollo.


The story begins when Phaeton tells his schoolmates that his father is Apollo, but his schoolmates do not believe him.

“MOM!!! Take me to Apollo’s house now!” His mother replied, “I will allow you to go to Apollo’s house, but I will not come with you.” “ Go as far east as you can.”

It took Phaeton weeks to finally arrive at his father, Apollo’s, house.

When Phaeton finally approached Apollo’s palace, his father welcomed him warmly. Apollo takes Phaeton to his palace and shows him around.

Apollo swears on the River Styx that he will grant his son anything that he asked for. “I will give you anything you ask for,” said Apollo.

“ Father. Let me ride your golden chariot.” Apollo answered, “No son!”

Apollo continued, “Sorry. It is far too dangerous. Not even the mighty Zeus can ride on it.” Phaeton said, “But you swore on the River Styx.”

I can’t even do that!!!

Apollo answered, “Fine. I will allow you to ride the chariot. Make sure you stay away from the ground and do not fly too high.”

As Phaeton started to drive the chariot he could be heard to say, “This is awesome! Whoohoo! Oh no! I am losing control.”

From Mount Olympus, Zeus saw what was happening. With all his might, Zeus fired his thunder bolt at Phaeton. Zeus had to do this because Phaeton was scorching the Earth with his careless driving.

Phaeton fell out of the chariot and lost his life.


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