The remote that makes your life easier
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“The remote that makes your life easier.” PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“The remote that makes your life easier.”. Ever gotten frustrated trying to find a misplaced remote?. We have just the product to solve this problem!. Mission Statement To use technology to enhance life and to offer solutions to everyday problems . . Introducing the MyFinder……………….

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“The remote that makes your life easier.”

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“The remote that makes your life easier.”

Ever gotten frustrated trying to find a misplaced remote?

We have just the product to solve this problem!

Mission Statement

To use technology to enhance life and to offer solutions to everyday problems .

Introducing the MyFinder……………….

Our Industry: Electronics

Our Product: MyFinder - is a rechargeable universal remote with a built-in tracker.

Target Market: 18-45 (age group identified as Tech Savvy)

Enhances the user’s convenience with these features:

- “All-in-one” features

- Ability to recharge

- Tracker that allows you to find it when lost.

Primary good (How it works……)

  • Remote & Rechargeable remote base:

  • TV, Cable, Satellite, Blu-ray and DVD player compatible.

  • Remote has a built-in tracker. To find misplaced remote hit the “Page” button on base, which “sounds off” remote.

  • Base has a rubber tag so it can be placed on or around the TV’s surface.

  • Base also serves as a holder & charger for the remote when not-in-use or when the battery is low.

Customer Benefit Package

Peripheral goods & services (How they work…..)

iPhone ApplicationKeychain trackerText Message

Keychain tracker that can be attached to frequently misplaced items.

Ability to text personal product code to the # 525 to sound off remote.

iPhone app that has a “page” button to sound off the remote.

Peripheral goods & services (How they work…..)

Technical SupportWebsite or Phone

There to assist users with any technical questions or problems they may have.

Users can also “sound-off” remote by entering in product code on website, or saying it over the phone to customer service rep.

Strategy Development

  • We surveyed 500 remote users between the ages of 14-45

  • 88% said they get frustrated when they can’t find a misplaced remote

  • - Our goal is significantly reduce this frustration with our tracker.

  • 78% said they would prefer not to buy new batteries for their remote.

  • - With our rechargeable remote, no batteries will be required.

  • 72% said they prefer universal remotes over single function remotes

  • - We will provide them a remote with multiple functions.

Market competitors

  • - Universal Electronics Inc. (sell universal remotes)

  • - GE’s Universal remote (have a keychain tracker for remote)

  • How we’ll overcome these threats:

  • More convenient (iphone app, website, etc)

  • Reduced associated costs (no need to buy batteries)

  • - alternatives to track remote in case one alternative is unavailable (lose keychain)

Order Qualifiers & Order Winners


  • Dissatisfiers:( what customers expect)

  • Warranty

  • Instructions manual

  • Satisfiers: (what customers like to see)

  • -Multiple functions of the remote

  • -Tracking function of the remote

  • - Enhanced Convenience


  • Exciters/Delighters: (unexpected bonus)

  • Many alternatives to “sound off” the remote

  • Rechargeable Remote

  • Keychain tracker

  • -Great technical support

Core Competences

Competitive Priorities: we will compete on…...

Quality – minimize product defects, always meet our customer’s needs

Innovation – provide what is desired by consumers that is not currently supplied in the market.

Core Competences: how we will compete on this…..

(For Quality) - R&D team consisting of the best and brightest electrical engineers & programmers

- 24/7 customer service to always meet our customer’s needs

(For Innovation) - the best & brightest R&D team

- complaint blog on our website for consumers to rant about problems with electronic products they currently own.

Preliminary design & testing

Stage 1:

Dropped the remote several times

- to test whether damages to the remote would cause defects to its functions.

Stage 2:

Hid the remote in the various places (couch, backpack, etc)

- to test whether the tracking sound was loud enough

Stage 3:

Allowed 20 moderately and not-so tech-savvy people to use remote

- to test whether the product was easy-to-use

Final Product & Raw Materials/Equipment

  • Materials

  • Circuit Board

  • Sound Card

  • Plastics

  • Cardboard (for packaging)

  • Equipment

  • Plastic Injection machine

  • Laser Cutter ( for silicon wafers)

  • Packaging machine

  • Fork Lift

Industry Growth Model

Year Sales ($)

1 120,468,000

2 158,380,000


4 235,846,000

5 272,680,000

Linear Regression

Year Sales ($)

6 308,311,600



9 422,878,600

10 461,067,600

Percent of Industry sales projection

Year Sales ($)

1 3,083,116



4 4,228,786

5 4,610,676

Market research and logic tells us we can earn: 1% of industry sales

Break Even Analysis

  • Fixed Cost

  • Building$200,000/yr

  • Employees $11/hr @40 hrs a week=$22,880/yr

  • 40 employees @ $22,880/each=$915,200/yr

  • Benefits and Perks $150,00/yr

  • Equipment$175,000/yr

    Total Fixed Cost=$1,440,200

  • Variable Cost =$17.00/ Unit

  • Selling Price=$29.99/ Unit

  • Break even $1,440,200/($29.99-$17.00)=

  • 110,869 Units to Break Even

Break-Even Analysis

MAD and Tracking Signal

Production Capacity

  • Initial

    - We expect to run at about 75%-80% when we first begin because demand will be high

  • Long Run

  • We expect to maintain this and possible increase this rate especially with the increase training and being responsive to our customer’s needs.

  • In our Break Even analysis we do have some years where we have over forecasted but that little extra inventory will allow us to have extra in case we get a large order

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