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UAF in 2013
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UAF in 2013 and beyond. UAF research leads to inventions. Invention Disclosures by Year. UAF construction capital status. Margaret Murie Building – Life Sciences Engineering Wood Center Deferred Maintenance Combined Heat and Power. Research & teaching e xcellence.

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UAF in 2013 and beyond

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Uaf in 2013 and beyond

UAF in 2013

and beyond

Uaf research leads to inventions

UAF research leads to inventions

Invention Disclosures by Year

Uaf construction capital status

UAF construction capital status

  • Margaret Murie Building – Life Sciences

  • Engineering

  • Wood Center

  • Deferred Maintenance

  • Combined Heat and Power

Research teaching e xcellence

Research & teaching excellence

  • Margaret Murie Building (Life Sciences)

    • Ribbon Cutting next Thursday - August 22, 2:00 pm

Breaking ground 2013

Breaking ground 2013

  • Wood Center P-3

    • 34,000 square-foot expansion project

    • Fall 2014

  • College of Engineering & Mines

    • 120,000 square-foot modern classroom & lab space for engineering & research programs

Wood center current status

Wood Center – current status

Uaf in 2013 and beyond


Uaf in 2013 and beyond

Engineering – current status

Deferred maintenance and r r completion status

Deferred maintenance and R&R completion status

FY09-FY13: 84% of projects complete to date

Fy15 capital budget request

FY15 Capital Budget request

  • Deferred Maintenance / R&R: $23M

    • Cogen Heating Plant upgrades

    • Critical electrical distribution

    • Fairbanks campus main waste lines, roof replacement

    • West Ridge facilities

    • ADA code compliance; elevators & alarms

    • Lower campus backfill

    • Patty Center revitalization

    • Campus infrastructure

    • Tilly Commons demolition

    • Wood Center student services renewal

    • Kuskokwim Campus voc-tech renewal

Fy15 capital budget request1

FY15 Capital Budget request

  • Engineering building completion

    • $33 million general fund

    • $10 million UAF bonds (paid by research indirect)

  • Combined heat and power plant

    • $200 million general fund

    • $ 45 million UAF bonds (paid by fuel savings)

Energy is the foundation

Energy is the foundation

  • 3.1 million square feet of academic, research, office and housing space

  • Average age of building: 34 years

  • More than 170,000 square feet coming online by 2015

  • All these things need heat and power

Atkinson plant

Atkinson plant

  • Two coal boilers (1964)

  • One oil boiler (1970)

  • One oil & gas boiler (1987)


  • Steam:to heat campus

Runs turbines

to create

  • Electricity

  • We also have:

    • 10 megawatt diesel generator

    • Electrical distribution system

Uaf in 2013 and beyond

UAF energy sources

  • $9.8 million annual fuel cost

    • 71,000 tons of coal

    • 678,000 gallons of oil

    • 51 million cubic feet of natural gas

Current fuel costs per million btu

Current fuel costs per million BTU

  • Biomass and pipedgas are unknown

What if the main boilers fail

What if the main boilers fail?

  • Enormous jumpin fuel costs thatcould harm:

  • The programs we provide

  • The research we do

  • The students we serve

Key considerations

Key considerations

  • Risk of catastrophic failure (current plant’s 50-year lifespan is almost over)

  • Environmental responsibility

  • Regulatory climate

  • Political reality in Alaska and the nation

  • The state’s uncertain energy future

  • The economics for UAF and our programs and students

  • Responsible stewardship of state funds

We studied the options

We studied the options

  • Solar and wind

    • Can augment, but not replace, a heat and power plant

  • Hydro

    • Must be 4 cents a kilowatt-hour to be feasible.

    • Current estimates are significantly higher

    • Not currently available nor imminent

  • Nuclear

    • New technology still waiting for federal approval

  • Gasifiers

    • Untested technology

Uaf in 2013 and beyond

A diversified energy portfolio

  • Anchored by a new 17 megawatt circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler

    • Flexible solid fuel

    • Coal with up to 15 percent biomass

  • Replace oil boilers with gas or propane

  • Purchase renewable energy, when available

  • Energy conservation on campus

  • Small renewable projects on campus

    • Flexible, sustainable, fiscally responsible


    Combined heat and power

    Combined heat and power

    The best choicefor efficiency

    More than 500 schools and universities have their own heat and power plants

    Why not buy power from gvea

    Why not buy power from GVEA?

    • We need electricity and heat.

    • The current electrical grid cannot supply both our power & heat needs at a reasonable price.

    • GVEA can provide us electricity for lights & equipment, but that does not heat the campus.

    • Closing our plant is not a viable option.

    What about gas

    What about gas?

    Fuel cost

    Capital cost



    Uaf in 2013 and beyond

    Conservation measures

    • Retrofits

      • Lighting and mechanical system upgrades to save $500,000 per year (12-year payback)

      • Converting street lights to LED

      • Transition from electric to steam chilling on West Ridge

      • Hess Village hot water conversion

    • New construction

      • UAF design standards that exceed industry standards

      • Murie Building: 14 percent less energy than ASHRAE standards

      • High-efficiency lighting, motors and variable frequency drives

      • Innovative ideas: Sustainable Village

      • Using waste heat


    Replacement now is fiscally responsible

    Replacement now is fiscally responsible

    • Aging plant and a growing campus

    • More than $35 million in maintenance needed in the coming years

    • That doesn’t guarantee continued reliable operation

    • About half of those projects are bandages not needed in a new plant

    • We need energy solutions for our future,not temporary patches.

    Replacement now is environmentally responsible

    Replacement now isenvironmentally responsible

    • Current plant: Coal and oil

    • UAF’s new energy portfolio: Coal, biomass, gas or propane, other solid fuels

      • Augmented with solar, wind and other renewable options that become available.

      • Continued conservation measures

      • Significant reduction in regulated emissions

    A new plant will reduce emissions

    A new plant will reduce emissions



    • Current: $3 million for preliminary design and permitting

    • FY15: Requesting $245 million for full design and construction

      • $200 M from the General Fund

      • $45 M in UAF Bonding Authority

    • Target completion and opening: Winter 2019



    • Biggest capital project in UAF history

    • Essential to future of Fairbanks campus

    • We need community support

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