Isoc and isoc chapters worldwide
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ISOC and ISOC Chapters Worldwide. ISOC GVA Chapter, DevSIG meeting 21 February 2006 Anne Lord Snr. Manager Chapters & Ind. Members. Overview. Ab out ISOC All about chapters ISOC initiatives Focus on chapters. ISOC - who we are. Founded 1992 by Internet Pioneers

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Isoc and isoc chapters worldwide

ISOC and ISOC Chapters Worldwide

ISOC GVA Chapter, DevSIG meeting

21 February 2006

Anne LordSnr. Manager Chapters & Ind. Members


  • About ISOC

  • All about chapters

  • ISOC initiatives

  • Focus on chapters

Isoc who we are
ISOC - who we are

  • Founded 1992 by Internet Pioneers

    • For global co-operation and co-ordination of the Internet

  • International, not-for-profit, membership organisation

    • 85+ organisational members

    • 25,000+ individual members

    • 80+ chapters

  • Works to provide leadership

    • Standards, education and policy

  • Funded by organisation members and .org registry

Isoc s mission
ISOC’s Mission

"To assure the open development, evolution

and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world."

Isoc chapters
ISOC Chapters

  • Chapters support ISOC’s mission and goals

    • Extend reach and influence of ISOC by acting locally

  • Serve interests of local community

    • Organise activities/events/education locally

    • Provide services in local language

    • Act as forum for ‘networking’

  • Inform ISOC policy making

    • Chapters inform ISOC of local/regional issues

    • Provide input on global issues to the ISOC Secretariat

  • Operate as not-for-profit entities

    • Mostly run by volunteers

How are chapters formed
How are Chapters formed?

  • Local interested community

    • Assemble founding members

    • Hold ‘planning’ meeting

    • Complete necessary local formalities

    • Complete application form on ISOC website

  • Review by ISOC

    • “Due diligence” exercised

    • Review by chapter delegates mailing list

  • Submit by-laws in English and list of 25 members

  • Chartered and approved

Chapters in formation
Chapters in Formation

  • Recently formed

    • ISOC Romania, ISOC Democratic Republic of Congo, ISOC Republic of Congo, ISOC Burundi

Chapter development
Chapter Development

  • Not all chapters are active

    • Survey in 2006 indicated that approximately 15 are inactive, more are ‘not very active’

    • 3 chapters were ‘uncontactable’

  • Beginning 2004 increase in focus on chapters

    • Regional bureaus

    • Project funding

    • Additional staff resources (Snr Manager + 1)

Chapter development1
Chapter Development

  • Strengthening chapters

    • Establish information repository

      • ‘How to’ guides, publicity, chapter management guidelines..

    • Assist chapters to provide value to their members

      • IETF fellowship, co-ordination of multi-chapter events

      • Co-ordinate initiatives to support involve younger members & new groups

    • Chapter mentoring programme

      • New chapters can be ‘mentored’ by more experienced chapters

    • Facilitate participation of non English speakers

    • Regional bureaus

Regional bureaus
Regional Bureaus

  • One year pilot

    • Africa and LAC bureaus created late 2006

    • Others may follow e.g Asia

  • Activities

    • Work closely with chapters

    • Strengthen chapters and support new chapters

    • Develop bureau websites targeted to region

    • Participate in organising regional symposiums

    • Involve bureaus in policy & education initiatives in regions

    • Participate in multilingualism activities

Chapter development2
Chapter Development

  • Improve chapter to chapter communication

    • Regular on-line and in person meetings

    • Discussion forums (blogs)

    • Chapter ‘news’ wiki

  • Revise policies and procedures

    • Encourage consistent ‘look and feel’

    • Need to ensure open, transparent & accountable

    • Policies for reinvigorating chapters when inactive

Pilot news wiki
Pilot ‘news’ wiki

Chapter development3
Chapter Development

  • Membership database

    • Evaluation of current system (2006)

    • Different models of business rules exist

    • Review of business rules needed with view to agreement on one model

    • To be developed in consultation with chapters

    • Staff position to be recruited

Chapter development4
Chapter Development

  • Project funding

    • $US 200,000 available for 2007

    • Available to chapters and members

    • Two rounds of funding: April & Sept

    • More information


  • Proposal criteria

    • Any member or chapter in ‘good standing’

    • Results must be made publicly available

    • Expected outcome and benefits to the community, project schedule, partner orgs, results shared with community

Chapter development5
Chapter Development

  • Project Funding awards Nov 2006

    • ISOC Hong Kong $9,000 compilation of a book providing an in-depth study of the emerging digital public sphere

    • PICISOC, Fiji US$3,000 to run a competition to localise Firefox to the native language of the user

    • ISOC Argentina and Disability & Special Needs Chapter US$6,450 to promote web accessibility

    • ISOC Morocco $10,000 to create a portal for the visually impaired

    • ISOC Israel US$10,000 to IT Peace Ambassadors

    • ISOC Québec US$10,000 to a pilot to "Connect Québec" 95% high-speed Internet penetration in Québec by 2017

Focus on one project
Focus on one Project

  • ISOC Puerto Rico - $10,000

    • Internet Clubs project focusing on education and leadership for young people through the Internet

      • Established 2 ‘Internet clubs’ in Metropolitan area school and in a “special community”

        • Developed first ever websites

      • Trained 25 school teachers and 20 students ages 10-18

      • Established an internship programme with technology company

      • Planned to establish 10 more Internet clubs

Focus on chapters

Focus on Chapters

Argentina, Pacific Islands and Québec

Focus on chapters argentina
Focus on Chapters - Argentina

  • Incorporated in 1994 - 3rd resurrection of chapter

  • 34 members, 162 pending

  • Activities

    • 2006 was “reconstruction” year

    • 3 large events planned for 2007

      • Workshops (Apr), web accessibility (Jun) (Project Funding), Argentinian INET in (Sep)

  • 3 WG’s: Technology, Public policy and ‘inclusiveness’

  • Challenges

    • Finances! Charge $20 US/year membership fee

    • Keeping people motivated

Focus on chapters picisoc
Focus on Chapters - PICISOC

  • Regional Chapter

    • Covering 22 island states, 420 members

  • Chartered in 1999 & incorporated in 2005

  • Activities

    • IPv6 forum summit, dynamic coalition on access & connectivity for remote communities (IGF), PacINET Aug 06/07, Internet in the Pacific (Project Funding)…more..

  • SIGs

    • IPv6, Free & Open Source Software (FOSS), Women in Technology (WIT), CROP-ICT, Education, GIS, new media..

  • Challenges

    • Bandwidth and cost of bandwidth for average user

  • Focus on chapters qu bec
    Focus on Chapters - Québec

    • Chartered since 2000, 200 members

    • Activities

      • First annual internet 2020 conference on free software

      • Get together day for Quebec Internet Pioneers

      • Forum on the virtualisation of reality of Internet in schools

      • Produce recommendation for IDN implementation under .ca

      • Participation and animation in ICANN NARALO

    • Challenges

      • Hard to organise activitites with no staff

      • Recruiting corporate members who can provide some funding, since ind. membership is free

      • Equal male-female representation on our board



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