Health care system in israel
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Health care system in Israel. An- Najah National University Faculty of Medicine Narmine Elian. According to the WHO , Israel has the 28th best health care system in the world . Agencies involved in health :  The Ministry of health (MOH) -  overall responsibility

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Health care system in israel

Health care system in Israel

An-Najah National University

Faculty of Medicine


  • According to the WHO , Israel has the 28th best health care system in the world .

  • Agencies involved in health : 

    • The Ministry of health (MOH) -  overall responsibility

    • National Insurance Institute (NII) - collects the health tax

    • Health plans: voluntary, non-profit-making organizations - four health plans: Clalit, 53% , Maccabi, 24%; Meuhedet, 13%, Leumit, 10%

  • Hospitals: system in the world .

    Government - half of acute beds

    Clalit - one-third of the acute beds

  • Magen David Adom (“Red Star of David”): Israel’s equivalent of the Red Cross - emergency services.

Health status
Health Status system in the world .

  • 2006 - life expectancy at birth: 78.5 for males, 82.2 for females

  • 2006 - infant mortality rate : 3.9 per 1000 live births, it has declined by 38% since 1996

  • The crude mortality rate in 2006 was 5.5 per 1000 population, down from 6.1 per 1000 population in 1999

Primary care physicians
Primary care physicians system in the world .

  • 80% of Clalit health plan members – primary care from Clalit-owned clinics.

  • Within their neighbourhood clinic, people are free to choose their PCP and can switch periodically.

  • 20–25% of Clalit members receive their primary care from independent physicians (IPs) at facilities operated by the IPs themselves.

  • All of the other health plans also engage some PCPs in facilities owned and operated by the health plan.

Nhi financing
NHI financing system in the world .

  • More than half of the health care system’s activities are financed by NHI, which was established by the NHI Law in 1995.

  • All permanent residents of Israel have been entitled to a benefits package specified in the NHI Law .

  • They’re required to enrol in one of four competing health plans, allowed to switch between plans once a year.

Out of pocket payments
Out-of-pocket payments system in the world .

1998- all health plans were authorized to charge

their members for visits to specialists & raise payment rates for pharmaceuticals.


  • flat-rate charge for the first visit in any quarter, repeat visits within the quarter to the same specialist .

  • elderly & children receiving disability payments are exempt from co-payments for all visits .

  • people with end-stage renal disease, cancer, AIDS, thalassemia or (TB) are exempt from co-payments at hospital outpatient departments and dialysis centres.

Non national health insurance financing
Non-national health insurance financing system in the world .

  • Households pay out of pocket for certain services- ex: visits to private physicians, psychological and psychiatric visits, and dental care.

  • Households are subject to cost sharing for some services - visits to health plan specialists, institutional long-term care.

  • Services outside the NHI system are system in the world .financed via VHI, and direct out-of pocket payments for private sector services.

  • Health plan VHI includes both services of “complementary” nature – those excluded from NHI - dental care

    “supplementary nature” – faster access or

    greater choice for services included in NHI - choice of hospital-based physician.

  • NO “substitutive” insurance for people excluded from the NHI system

Web sites system
Web sites system system in the world .

  • All the health plans operate extensive web sites

    • public - learn about types of services they offer

    • members can access test results, in some cases schedule appointments.

  • The health plans also operate call centres -

    members/patients can obtain 24-hour guidance (specially trained nurses) on how to respond to various illnesses and symptoms.

References system in the world .