vertical srf cavity test stand ilcta ib1 vts
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Vertical SRF Cavity Test Stand (ILCTA_IB1_VTS)

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Vertical SRF Cavity Test Stand (ILCTA_IB1_VTS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vertical SRF Cavity Test Stand (ILCTA_IB1_VTS). C.M. Ginsburg and C. Sylvester TD Department Heads Meeting March 13, 2006. Project People. New : C. Brown, Y. Huang, G. Lauten, R. Rabehl, I. Rakhno, P. Seifrid, C. Worel. Arrived: J. Ozelis. Not yet: A. Lounine. Project Scope.

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vertical srf cavity test stand ilcta ib1 vts

Vertical SRF Cavity Test Stand(ILCTA_IB1_VTS)

C.M. Ginsburg and C. Sylvester

TD Department Heads Meeting

March 13, 2006

project people
Project People

New: C. Brown, Y. Huang, G. Lauten, R. Rabehl, I. Rakhno, P. Seifrid, C. Worel

Arrived: J. Ozelis

Not yet: A. Lounine

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg

project scope
Project Scope
  • Bare 1.3 GHz 9-cell Tesla-style cavities
  • Cryo capacity ~60 W at 2 K
  • Measure Q vs. T and Q vs. Eacc
  • 250 W RF power required at maximum gradient (Q=5x109, Eacc=35 MV/m)
  • Maintain “Controlled Area” status in IB1
    • < 5 mrem/hr immediately outside the shielding
    • <0.25 mrem/hr in normal working areas

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg

gde document
GDE Document
  • Contents:
    • technical information and schedule
    • plans for FY ‘06
  • Status
    • Draft complete
    • Reviewed by group members
    • Forwarded to Shekhar today

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg


Radiation Physics Analysis

DESY data (Moeller and Gall, private communication)

  • Data measured over ~12 years, ~85 cavities
  • X-ray flux measured
    • ~5 cm off axis
    • above 1” SS top plate
    • above 50 kg shielding inside cryostat
      • 20 cm Pb + 5 cm Al
  • Maximum x-ray flux 58 R/hr
  • Plots and statistical analysis of DESY data by CMG

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg


DESY-TTF Vertical Facility




CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg


DESY TTF measured maximum x-ray flux

Maximum x-ray flux 58 R/hr, typically much less

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg


DESY TTF measured maximum x-ray flux

  • The measured x-ray flux above dewar top plate
  • <6 R/hr 90% of the time
  • <30 R/hr 99% of the time
  • always <58 R/hr

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg


DESY TTF measured maximum x-ray flux

4 different cavities

Requiring Q>5E9 very effective, but still need x-ray flux limit

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg


Eacc at DESY/TTF

  • DESY TTF data
  • <Eacc> increasing with time
  • Significant spread all years

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg

radiation shielding design
Radiation Shielding Design


  • For 90% of all tested RF cavities the measured dose rate ≈ 5 Rad/hr. Use 90% level as baseline.
  • Thickness of the vertical concrete wall in the recessed region: 2 ft. An option – lead bricks.
  • Shielding layers of Pb and polyethylene immediately above the RF cavity
  • 3H production in surface water UPPER LIMIT: 2000 pC/ml-yr; will check against current design; probably a non-issue

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg




Preliminary Design

Igor will re-do with latest geometry

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg

civil construction status
Civil Construction Status
  • Need Radiation Safety Go-Ahead
    • Analysis by CMG (DESY data)
    • Shielding Design by Igor Rakhno (AD)
    • Safety Review by Mike Herr and Gary Lautenschlager (AD)
      • Civil construction: bottom of the shaft, recessed area
    • Chuck Brown (AD) will assist at next meeting March 23
  • (behind) Schedule:
    • Go out for Bids (Mar. 6th)
    • Award Bid (Mar. 31st)
    • Begin Work (April 3rd)
    • Contractor on-site ~ 3 weeks
    • Work Completed (June 20th)

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg

cryostat based on desy ttf
Cryostat (based on DESY/TTF)
  • Added a phase separator to provide better quality liquid helium
  • Estimated RF cycle time based on Pd=255 W and cryogenic capacity in IB1 (Huang)
    • 40% RF duty factor
  • One Engr. (Rabehl) added to team to focus on cryogenic controls
  • Made progress on the Process and Instrumentation Diagram

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg

status schedule ilcta ib1
Status/Schedule (ILCTA_IB1)

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg

next plans
Next Plans
  • Get Rad Safety go-ahead for Civil Construction and go for bids ASAP
  • Begin RF instrumentation design with ILC HLRF people in about 3 weeks, meanwhile:
    • Determine location of instrumentation racks
    • Create RF instrumentation wish-list
    • Finger person to design input coupler (Lounine)

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg

backup location
Backup: Location
  • West side of IB1, North of the Vertical Magnet Test Facility (VMTF)
    • This location allows for the future construction of a concrete block structure for accommodating a horizontal test cryostat
    • Is in close proximity to the existing VMTF Cryogenic piping; may simplify the tie-in to the cryogenic services

Vert. SRF Cryostat

Cryo Piping

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg

backup location contd
Backup: Location (contd.)
  • The long-term plan for IB1 is to have both a vertical and a horizontal test facility

Radiation Shielding


Vertical SRF

IB1 Control Rm.

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg




Preliminary Design



min cavity depth


max cavity depth

CMGinsburg/TD-DH mtg