Terra a ustralis
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Terra A ustralis. By Xavier. Contents . First australian Aboriginal Culture Origin of water 18 th Century England The First Fleet Bound for Botany bay . First Australians. The first A ustralians were Aboriginals and they had 700 languages before English man came.

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Terra A ustralis

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Terra Australis

By Xavier


  • First australian

  • Aboriginal Culture

  • Origin of water

  • 18th Century England

  • The First Fleet

  • Bound for Botany bay

First Australians

  • The first Australians were Aboriginals and they had 700 languages before English man came.

  • The Aboriginals wear possum fur as cloches and use sharp rocks for tools and weapons.

Aboriginal Culture

My story is about a kangaroo getting some water but the kangaroo got killed buy a Aboriginal.

Aboriginal cultureThe Origin of water


The rainbow serpent slid around to made dints in the ground and when it stopped it hit a rock and he cried and water came from his eyes.


There was no water ,and all the animals though the blue-tongued lizard had it. They were very angry about it. So the bandicoot, Gudjilla ,followed him the water. The lizard was too smart and saw the bandicoot out of the corner of his eye. The next to try and follow was jiggirrjiggirr the willy wagtail.

Where ever he tried to hide, his tail would wag, so the blue- tonged lizard found him. Then the rat Gula asked if he could do it. , and the animals laught. They thought he was too small. Gula followed the blue-tonged lizard and found were he had hidden the water. The animals were so happy!

Aborigianl CultureOrigin of water


The blue-tongue lizard felt happy that he had the water to him self.

The rat felt sad that the animals laughed at him.

All the animals felt happy that the rat fond the water.


  • How did the water sprout get in the ground.


    Littlie things make a big differents .

18th Century England

In the 18th century England for stealing a mans handkerchief is worth a computer in 2013. In the 18th Century people stole to survive and people even stole things like cheese,bread and materials.

The First Fleet

Hi I’m James Burne I’m 33 years old and I got sent on the Scarbororgh to Sydney town for 7 years because I assaulted someone and committed a highway robbery and my crime was worth 4 shillings. Now I work for mister and miss Owen.

Journey of the first fleet

Portsmouth 13th of may 1787

Botany bay 26th of jan

Rio de janeriro7th of August 1787

Tasmania 1stjan

Bound for Botany Bay

Who is singing this song?

Convics were singing the song bond for botany bay.

Why are they singing it?

The Convics were singing the song on the boat

Why are they saying ‘farewell to Old England forever?’

The Convics sang that bit because the Convics were going to Australia for 7 years or for life.

Where were they going? Why?

The Convics were going to Australia because the Convics did a crime that was worth lots of shillings.

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