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John Guthrie [email protected] COMPUTER RESOURCES. Current Production site ArcGIS 9.2 7 servers lots of RAM/ Disk space. S erver Configuration. Rapidly Increasing Usage. 186,802 delineations and 151,134 gage reports in FY10 . Web Visits 2011 compared to 2010.

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Computer resources

John Guthrie

[email protected]


S erver configuration

Current Production site

ArcGIS 9.2

7 servers

lots of RAM/ Disk space


Rapidly increasing usage
Rapidly Increasing Usage

186,802 delineations and 151,134 gage reports in FY10

Streamstats web services
StreamStats Web Services

Available for:

  • Basin delineation

  • Basin Characteristics

  • Flow statistics from Regression Equations

  • Download

  • Used by Batch process

See Available Web Services link from StreamStats home page for more information

Web services provided by streamstats
Web Services provided by StreamStats

StreamStats Current Web Services

  • Output Formats

    • Extensible Markup Language (XML)

    • Keyhole Markup Language (KML)

    • Serialized ArcObjects(ESRI ArcGIS 9.2)

    • ArcGIS 10 GeoProcessing Service coming soon

      See users instructions at:

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Web services provided by streamstats1
Web Services provided by StreamStats

  • HTTP GET Format

Web services provided by streamstats2
Web Services provided by StreamStats

What the request does

  • Computes the basin-drainage boundary at the X and Y point requested

  • Measures the drainage-basin characteristics for the computed basin-drainage boundary

  • Estimates Flows at the requested point using regression equations

  • Projects the points and polygon to WGS84

  • Generates a KML file

Batch processing
Batch Processing


  • Input: a point shapefile snapped to the stream grid

  • Uses Web Services to perform the computations

  • Emails the user when the output is available

Batch processing1
Batch Processing

Preparing a dataset for use in the batch processor:

  • Download the stream grid for your state

  • Select the points needed for batch processing

  • Snap these points to the downloaded grid

  • Identify a field that contains your local id

Development of new user interface

John Guthrie

[email protected]


Proposed new user interface
Proposed new user interface

  • ArcGIS 10

  • Uses ESRI map services for base map

  • JavaScript API

  • Uses Web Services

    • Can automatically determine which state application to call

Proposed new user interface2
Proposed new user interface

  • Displays all regional studies and state applications near the point that was clicked

Proposed new user interface4
Proposed new user interface

  • Stream Gage information is still available

Streamstats in the cloud
StreamStats in the cloud

  • It will have to be a big cloud