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Magic Violin

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Magic Violin. Class 9th English Literature Book Written By :-Dr.Anand Malik. PREPARED BY:- Mr.Darshan Singh(English Master) Govt.Sen.Sec.School SUKHPUR.

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magic violin
Magic Violin

Class 9th

English Literature Book

Written By :-Dr.Anand Malik

prepared by mr darshan singh english master govt sen sec school sukhpur

Mr.Darshan Singh(English Master)



In Sicily , there once lived a boy who was always happy although he was very poor . His parents died when he young .so he set out by himself to seek his fortune. He laughed merrily at everything and all though his troubles he was cheerful and happy.
He went about the country looking for work , and at last one day to farmhouse.
  • He was a mean person and miser and thought that the boy must be a beggar.
  • The boy went to live in the farmhouse ,and every day he look the goats to the hills to graze.
Than he gave the boy three copper coins for three years work . The boy looked at them and laughed. He put the coins in pocket , took his shabby hat and went off whistling.
The boy his hand into his pocket took out the copper coins that were his wages for three years . And he gave to beggar because he was very hungry.
The old man was not a beggar he was an angle. The boy thought for a moment and said ,’I would like to have violin which plays music to make all men dance , and a gun that will always hit the thing at which I am.’
The boy made his way back towards the farm where he had worked for three long years for three copper coin, and Justas he went near the gate ,a bird fly up from a field. At once the boy aimed at with his magic gun and of course, hit the bird as the bird fell, the farmer come out of the house and went to pick it up.
I will have none of yours rudeness, you rascal,’ shouted the farmer But before he reach the bird, the begun to play on his violin and farmer had to dance .He danced and the boy would not stop playing.
Than he went on his way, but the farmer ran before him and told into the village and told the police that the boy was a thief. The magistrate sent out the policeman and they soon caught the boy with the thousand pieces of silver that the farmer said he had stolen.
In those days, in Sicily, the punishment for stealing was death. So he was sentenced to be hanged at once.
The boy asked the magistrate to let him play the violin before he was hanged. The kind magistrate allowed him to do so.
It can do no harm .Let the poor lad play the violin for a few minutes: he too young to die so the began to play the violin. At once the magistrate and the hangman and the former and all the people, who were gathered in the market place to see the poor boy hanged, began to dance. They danced and a danced and while the boy played they could not stop dancing.
At last the magistrate cried,’ Stop, boy stop! You shall go free. The farmer gives you the thousand pieces of the silver and I give you your freedom.
  • Q1:-Why did the boy go to the farmer?
  • Q2:- What did the old man give to the boy?
  • Q3:- How did the boy get the silver coins and his freedom back?
  • Q4:- How much did the farmer pay him and when?
fill in the blanks
Fill in the blanks:-
  • [old farmer, work, master, hills, any-one]

The boy wanted a change of______ because he felt lonely in the ______.When he came home at night ,he never saw_______ to talk to but the ______.One evening,he told his _______that he wanted to leave him.


Punjab School education board’s 9th English Book