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Ownership : It belongs to Turkish Republic T reasury . T otal area : 20 thousand 541 square meters. School Building : 2 thousand 102 square meters . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ownership : It belongs to Turkish Republic T reasury . T otal area : 20 thousand 541 square meters. School Building : 2 thousand 102 square meters . Garden : I8 thousand 439 square meters. Our school consists of 3 blocks and 25 classroom s . We have : a science laboratory

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Ownership : It belongs to Turkish Republic T reasury . T otal area : 20 thousand 541 square meters. School Building : 2 thousand 102 square meters .

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Ownership: Itbelongs to TurkishRepublicTreasury.

Total area: 20 thousand 541 square meters.

School Building :2 thousand 102 square meters.

Garden:I8thousand 439 square meters

  • Ourschoolconsists of 3 blocksand25 classrooms.


  • ascience laboratory

  • A library (8thousand 236 units of books.)

  • 8 computer labs (240 computers)

  • a turbine has a capacity of 300 people in a gym.

  • a meetinghall (200 personcapacity)

Our school started its education life in 1943. Our school has 3 main blocks and a big sport center. It is one of the biggest and oldest school in Konya. Our school is famous for getting degrees on sport activities. Our school contains two different vocational high schools. Republic Trade Vocational High School & JusticeVocational High School. Theyarealso the same structure but the departments are different.

Theyprovide four-years of education after primary education.They train qualified human resources that are needed for public & private sectors in related areas.

We aim to raise and to prepare the students for profession, for higher education, for life and for business in line with their interests and skills. There is no discrimination according to gender. It’s for boys and girls together. The students’ foreign language is English.

The first three academic years include practical and theoretical education. Our students receive education at school two days a week in the fourth year and the other three days are devoted to vocational training. During their training at different public and private enterprises, their wages at least 30% of the minimum wage are paid by those employers while the ministry pays their social security insurances .The students get common subjects in the first year. They are trained with selected areas in the second year and with selected departments in the last year. Our school is providing education in these fields as from 2011-2012 education period Accounting-Financing Area, Office Management & Secretariat Area, Marketing Area, Computer Studies Area.



  • Olympic plate made ​​in 1993 with the C block, six-floor, two locker rooms, dressing rooms, as well as the teacher and the refree has a warehouse and a 300-seat Tribune.



  • Capacity: 100 studnets.

  • The school canteen serves in the school yard during the summer months.

  • A – B BLOCK

    Consists of two floors. 

  • First floor; 

    Administrative division, teachers room, School Museum, the two DeputyDirector, Accounting, Executive Chamber, and consists of classrooms.

  • The second floor;

    One classroom, four computer labs, and computer part of the archive consists of the chief room.


  • On the first floor, teachers room, operating room,ForeignLanguagesDepartment , the school canteen and multi-purpose hall.

  • Second floor, 2 classrooms, 2 computer laboratories, computer maintenance and repairing room,

  • On the third floor ,6 classrooms, Course Equipment Material room,

  • On theforth Room on the fourth floor consists of 6 classrooms


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