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Spelling Demons

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Spelling Demons. #1-86. Part 1. 1. Which – Which assignment is due tomorrow 2. Separate – If you don’t be quiet, I will separate the two of you. 3. Their – I want their dog. Let’s steal it tonight! 4. There – I hate going to the mall. There are too many people there. .

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part 1
Part 1

1. Which – Which assignment is due tomorrow

2. Separate – If you don’t be quiet, I will separate the two of you.


3. Their – I want their dog. Let’s steal it tonight!

4. There – I hate going to the mall. Thereare too many people there.


5. Don’t (do not) – Don’t you know that English class is the coolest?!

6. Meant – He really meant he wanted to go to the park.


7. Business – Mind your own business because you’re being nosey.

8. Many – I have many friends in school!


9. Friend – My friend Ben went to school with your mom!

10. Some – Some students were devastated when they learned the assembly was during English.


11. Been – I haven’t been sleeping as much lately.

12. Since – I haven’t seen my girlfriend since last week!


13. Making – I will be making cookies for the whole class. Surprise!

14. Dear – I have a dear friend who I miss from back home.


15. Guess – I guess I will be walking home from school.

16. Says – My mom always says she has eyes in the back of her head. Okay.


17. Having – Having only one minute left in English class, I began to feel sad.

18. Just – Just stop hitting people, okay?


19. Doctor – Momma called the doctorand the doctor said, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”

20. Believe – I believe in many things, just not in Justin Bieber. I’m not a belieber.

part 2
Part 2

21. Knew – She knew that she was in trouble when her parents used her middle name.

22. Laid – The girl laid her book down on the desk, but Justin pushed it off.


23. Tear – There was a huge tear in the boy’s pants, but he didn’t realize until he got to school.

24. Choose – Will you choose to study or not?


25. Whether – I’m going outside whether you like it or not.

26. Used – Jason used to hate English, but now he loves it!


27. Where – Where were you yesterday?

28. Women – Women are always right.


29. Hear – Do you hear what I hear?

30. Here – I don’t belong here in school.


31. Write – Write me a note to reading during sixth period.

32. Does – Does your mom get angry when you don’t do well in school? Mine does!


33. Grammar – I hate learning about grammar, but unfortunately, it’s important.

34. Minute – I’ll be there in one minute! OR

She left the minute details up to him to handle.


35. Beginning – In the beginning of the movie, I was confused. What’s a jedi?

36. Blue – I think the sky is blue.


Are you feeling blue today?

part 3
Part 3

37. Though – Even though I love The Hunger Games, I don’t like Katniss.

38. Through – I am through with giving you second chances.


Ghosts fly through walls!


39. Early – She is never early to anything.

40. Instead – Instead of waiting, I’m just going to order my food now.


41. Write – I will write you a note to read next period.

42. Right – Miss Becher is always right. Sorry.


43. Would – Would you go to the dance with me?

44. can’t – I can’t wait for the social this year!


45. Sure – Are you sure we should be skipping class?

46. Country – My country is a great place to live.


47. Loose – He needs a belt because his pants are way too loose.

48. Lose – I won’t want to lose to Hollidaysburg!


49. Wednesday – Wednesday is my favorite day of the week!

50. February – February is the month of love and chocolate.


51. Know – I know better than to sleep in. There’s too much work to do!

52. Could – What could be better than spelling demons?

part 4
Part 4

53. Seems – It seems like the week is dragging.

54. Tuesday – Tuesday is the day Miss Becher is bringing in a snack!


55. Half – Half of that pizza is mine!

56. Have – I have to get that pizza!


57. Break – I need a break from shopping or else I’m going to break the bank!

58. Brake – The brake pedal is not meant to be slammed.


59. Buy – I can’t afford to buy all of that.

60. Again – What is our teacher’s name again?


61. Very – She is very excited for shopping.

62. Vary – I like to vary what I eat so I’m not always eating the same foods.


63. None – I will give her none of my help. She doesn’t deserve it.

64. Week – This whole week is going so fast!


65. Often – She often complains, which is why I can’t stand her.

66. Whole – I bet he could eat the whole pie!


67. Won’t – Why won’t you come this weekend?

68. Wear – Is that what she is going to wear? Didn’t anyone tell her stripes and polka dots don’t match?


69. Answer – The answer to Mitch’s question is no.

70. Ready – We’re ready for the end of the year to come already.


71. To – I don’t know how to fix my car.

72. Too – Morgan’s sister is too little to come with us.

part 5
Part 5

73. Forty – Sarah ate forty Big Macs!

74. Hour – It’s only an hour until the Dallas game starts!


75. Among – Among the group, three of you are always late.

76. Built – Noah and Trent built this city on rock n’ roll.


77. Color – Sometimes to relieve stress, Miss Becher likes to color.

78. Piece – Nick forgot to buy that extra piece of equipment, so the chair fell apart.


79. Raise – N’Sync used to say we need to raise the roof!

80. Straight – Vinny’s house is straight past the gas station.


81. Sugar – A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.

82. Shoes – Audrey’s shoes are very cute!


83. Enough – Nicole can’t get enough of English class!

84. Truly – Emily truly believes that Glitter is a good movie.


85. Ache – I have a stomach ache from eating all of that junk food Miss Becher brought us.

86. Hoarse – My voice is hoarse from screaming at the concert.