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DOL Review # 19

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DOL Review # 19 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DOL Review # 19.

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MondayCorrect sentences below using editing marks.1. soil is the layer of bitts of rock and humus phound on the earth’s crust? 2.bedrock is the bottom layyer of soil which is colid rock!Write down the suffix of each word. lightly ___________wonderful ___________sadness ___________spotless ___________eagerly ___________washable ___________


TuesdayCorrect sentences below using editing marks.1. what is the name of this Ancient Roman building.2. the country of ancient rome was so large that its land was lokated on three continents?Match the words that are antonyms. hard lazy friendly easy cheaphappy generous expensive quick sad


WednesdayCorrect sentences below using editing marks.1. farming was difficult in ancient greecebecause their were many mountains and hills?2. ancient Greeks displayyed the artt of sculpture and paintings . Directions: Draw a box around the prefix in each word. Underline the root word in each word. slowly careful happinesshopelesswasteful weekly truthful breakable


ThursdayCorrect sentences below using editing marks.1. ancient greece is known for beeing the birthplace of Democracy? 2. ancient greeks adappted to their environment by developing smal independent comunities among the mountains. Directions: Write the meaning of each word below.handful_______________ brightness_________________careless_________________ rewrite_______________misspell________________ unlock______________hopeful___________________ wonderful _______________