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The Witnesses Testify

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The Witnesses Testify. (1965) “THE NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION is a completely new translation of the Holy Bible made by over a hundred scholars working directly from the best available Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts.” “international scope” “many denominations”.

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(1965) “THE NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION is a completely new translation of the Holy Bible made by over a hundred scholars working directly from the best available Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts.”“international scope” “many denominations”


Each book to team of scholarsIntermediate Editorial Committees revised initial translationGeneral Editorial Committees checked & revisedCommittee on Bible Translationfaithfulness to original languages and for its English style


Accurate translation, clarity, literary qualityauthority and infallibility of the Bible as God’s Wordmore than a word-for-word translation


Masoretic Text, Biblia Hebraica (900AD)Hebrew, AramaicDead Sea Scrolls (200BC)Hebrew, Aramaic, GreekSeptuagint (300BC)Hebrew, Aramaic into GreekVulgate (400AD)Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek into LatinGreek Text (300AD)

luke 1 1 4 john 1 14 john 1 34

We saw, we testified

Luke 1: 1-4John 1: 14John 1: 34

“We have seen His glory.”

“I have seen and I testify

that this is the Son of God.”

john 19 35 john 21 24 25

We saw, we testified

John 19: 35John 21: 24-25

He saw it and his testimony is true

He testifies and he wrote them down

john 5 39 john 15 26 27

Jesus Himself gives proof

John 5: 39John 15: 26-27

Scriptures testify

Holy Spirit will testify, you will, too

luke 24 45 49 acts 1 8

Jesus Himself gives proof

Luke 24: 45-49Acts 1: 8

Scriptures prophesied, you are witnesses

You will be My witnesses

acts 1 21 22

A replacement for Judas

Acts 1: 21-22


  • Been with us from the beginning
  • A witness of the Resurrection
acts 4 18 20

Can’t stop talkin’ ‘bout my Jesus!

Acts 4: 18-20

“For we cannot help speaking about

what we have seen and heard.”

acts 2 32

Peter, the witness

Acts 2: 32

“God has raised this Jesus to life,

And we are all witness of this fact.”

Acts 3: 15

“You killed the Author of life,

but God raised Him from the dead.

We are witness of this.”

Acts 5: 32

“We are witnesses of these things,

And so is the Holy Spirit.”

acts 10 39 43

Peter, the witness

Acts 10: 39-43

“We are witnesses of everything He did...”

“witnesses whom God had already chosen –


We testify and so do all the prophets

acts 13 30 31

Paul, the witness

Acts 13: 30-31

“They are now His witnesses to our people.”

Acts 22: 15

Ananias to Paul - “You will be His witness.”

Acts 26: 16

Jesus to Paul - “You are My witness.”

i peter 5 1

Peter, the witness

I Peter 5 : 1

“a witness of Christ’s sufferings.”

II Peter 1: 15-18

After I am gone, I want you to remember…

“We were eyewitnesses of His majesty.”

“We ourselves (Peter, James, John)

heard this voice that came from heaven.”

i john 1 1 4

John, the witness

I John 1: 1-4

He appeared –

we have heard, seen, looked at, touched –

we testify and proclaim

I John 4: 14

“And we have seen and testify that

the Father has sent His Son

to be the Savior of the world.”

i corinthians 15 1 8

the transfer begins

I Corinthians 15: 1-8

“For what I received I passed on to you

as of first importance…

II Timothy 2: 1-2

“And the things you have heard me say…

entrust to reliable men…to teach others.”

II Thessalonians 2: 15

“stand firm and hold to the teachings

we passed on to you...”

i corinthians 15 5 8

go ahead, check it out

I Corinthians 15: 5-8

He appeared to Peter, the disciples,

over 500 others, James, the apostles,

and then to me, one who would never

have believed it for myself.

You need two or three witness

to establish evidence? Here’s a list,

go ahead, check it out for yourself!

45 70 ad

New Testament written:

~45 - < 70 AD


~45 - 95 AD

“…most of whom are still living,

though some have fallen asleep.”

Paul – I Corinthians 15: 6~ 55 AD


Witnesses can confirm OR debunk

The Jewish & Roman authorities,

the ones who stood to gain the most

by proving the falsity of the claims,

remained silent; because it was true!


Witnesses can confirm OR debunk

Where were you, what were you doing

when Kennedy was assassinated?

“The Holocaust is a myth.”

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

the witnesses continue to testify

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

But what about the 300 year gap

between the apostles and

the existing manuscript evidence?

the witnesses continue to testify1

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

Paul “expounded the word of truth

accurately and authoritatively”

“to build yourselves up in the faith

which was given to you”

Polycarp ~135AD

Bishop of Smyrna

Letter to the Philippians

the witnesses continue to testify2

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

“The Apostles received the Gospel

for us from the Lord Jesus Christ…”

“they appointed their earliest converts,

testing them by the Spirit…”

Clement of Rome ~80AD

the witnesses continue to testify3

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

“The Apostles, in the Memoirs

which they produced,

which are called the Gospels,

have thus passed on that which was

enjoined upon them…”

Justin Martyr ~150AD

the witnesses continue to testify4

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

“For the Church, although dispersed

throughout the whole world even to

the ends of the earth, has received

from the Apostles and from their

disciples the faith in one God…”

Irenaeus ~150AD

the witnesses continue to testify5

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

“Indeed, they first preached the gospel,

and afterwards, by the will of God,

they handed it down to us

in the Scriptures…”

“And we are in a position to enumerate

those who were instituted bishops

by the Apostles, and their successors

To our own times…”

the witnesses continue to testify6

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

From Peter & Paul – to Linus,

Anencletus, Clement, and so on –

12 bishops later, it comes to us!

Polycarp “always taught those things

which he had learned from the Apostles,

and which the Church had handed

down, and which are true.”

Irenaeus ~150AD

the witnesses continue to testify7

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

“The true gnosis is the

doctrine of the Apostles…

succession of bishops…

complete tradition of the Scriptures…

guarded against falsification…

received without addition or deletion”

Irenaeus ~150AD

the witnesses continue to testify8

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

“And indeed, every doctrine must be

prejudged as false, if it smells of

anything contrary to the truth

of the Churches and of the Apostles

of Christ and God.”

Tertullian ~200AD

the witnesses continue to testify9

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

“The teaching of the Church has indeed

been handed down through an order of

succession from the Apostles,

and remains in the Churches even to

the present time.”

Origen ~230AD

the witnesses continue to testify10

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

“Linus to Anencletus to Clement.”

Eusebius ~300AD

If it was all a lie, why did the Apostles

accept martyrdom? Why didn’t they

ever spill the truth?

Eusebius ~320AD

John Chrysostom ~ 380AD

the witnesses continue to testify11

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

“This we believe, this we hold,

because this we have received

from the Prophets,

this do the Gospels tell us,

this the Apostles handed down,

this the martyrs confessed

by their suffering.”

St. Phoebadius ~358AD

the witnesses testify1

The Witnesses Testify

“Christ died for our sins

He was buried

He was raised.

According to the Scriptures”

I Corinthians 15: 3-5

the witnesses continue to testify12

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

“was truly born, persecuted,

truly crucified and died,

truly raised from the dead.”

Ignatius ~110AD

the witnesses continue to testify13

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

“one God, Creator

The Word is called His Son

Born of a virgin

Crucified, rose again on the third day,

Ascended into heaven

Sent the Holy Spirit

He’s coming again.”

Tertullian ~200AD

the witnesses continue to testify14

The Witnesses Continue to Testify

“one God

Jesus Christ, the Son of God

suffered, rose up on the third day,

Ascended into heaven

Will come to judge the living

and the dead.”

Nicaea ~325AD

the witnesses of the canon

The Witnesses of the Canon


Acts of the Apostles

Epistles of Paul


John’s Epistles

Apocalypse of John

Muratorian Fragment ~200AD

the witnesses of the canon1

The Witnesses of the Canon


Acts of the Apostles

Epistles of Paul



John’s Epistles

Peter’s Epistles

Apocalypse of John

Eusebius ~325AD

the witnesses of the canon2

The Witnesses of the Canon

The Holy Bible as we have it today

Council of Laodicea ~350AD

Athanasius – 367AD

the witnesses testify2

The Witnesses Testify

“Suppose that the New Testament

had been destroyed,

and every copy of it lost

by the end of the third century…?”

the witnesses testify3

The Witnesses Testify

“That question aroused my curiosity,

and as I possessed all the existing

works of the Fathers of the second

and third centuries, I commenced

to search, and up to this time I

have found the entire New Testament,

except eleven verses.”

Sir David Dalrymple ca 1770

we testify

We Testify

“I believe in God, the Father Almighty,    the Creator of heaven and earth,    and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord:

Who was conceived of the Holy Spirit,    born of the Virgin Mary,    suffered under Pontius Pilate,    was crucified, died, and was buried.

He descended into hades.

The third day He arose again from the dead.

we testify1

We Testify

“He ascended into heaven

and sits at the right hand

of God the Father Almighty,    whence He shall come to judge

the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,

the holy catholic (universal Christian) church,    the communion of saints,    the forgiveness of sins,    the resurrection of the body,    and life everlasting.