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Cinthia Bustos Herrera Pedagogía en Inglés - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Planning a Class : 5th Grade 2nd Unit : Home and Family. Cinthia Bustos Herrera Pedagogía en Inglés. Introduction.

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Cinthia Bustos Herrera Pedagogía en Inglés

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Planning a Class:

5th Grade

2nd Unit: Home and Family

Cinthia Bustos Herrera

Pedagogía en Inglés


  • At this age our family is our most important support and the base for everything regardless of how our family is composed, so it is essential to know how recognize them and could describe them.

  • Objectives:

    - To recognize and learn thematic vocabulary of this unit.

    - To read and show that they understand a piece of information related to the family.

    - To ask and answer questions with the learnt pattern.

    - To use words and phrases learnt from this unit.

    - To describe members of the family.

    - To recognize instructions.

    - To spell words related to the family.

  • Contents:

    - ABC

    - Verb To Be & To Have (present tense)

    - Pronouns

    - Vocabulary related to Family

    - Adjectives

    - Question sentences

  • Time: 90 minutes

  • Level: Primary School


  • At the beginning of the class we are going to review the Abc.

  • That way the student is going to be able to remember it.

  • Time: 5 minutes

  • Activity: Say the alphabet out loud and repeat it three times.

A(ei) B(bi) C(ci) D(di) E(i) F(ef) G(gi/ji) H(eich) I(ai) J(jei) K(kei) L(el) M(em) N(en) O(ou) P(pi) Q(quiu) R(ar) S(es) T(ti) U(iu) V(vi) W(dabliu) X(exs/ecs) Y(guai) Z(zet)


  • To introduce verb “To Be” and “To Have” Present Tense and the pronouns use with the specific verb form.

  • The idea is the student use them then in the description and know them for future activities and to replace the subject.

  • Time: 20 minutes

While Activity

  • To go to the page work on replacing the subject by the correct pronoun

  • Time: 5 minutes

Pre- Activity

  • To present the thematic vocabulary of the unit.

  • Time: 20 minutes







While Activity

  • To complete their family tree

  • Objective: To recognize the vocabulary and to put it in practice

  • Time: 10 minutes

Post Activity 1

  • To Match the noun with its meaning

  • Time: 5 minutes


  • To teach adjectives which help students to describe people and also to compare them.

  • Time: 10 minutes











While Activity

  • To describe to some members of their family answering to the question (2)

  • How does your_____ look like?

  • Example

    My boyfriend is tall

  • Time: 5 minutes

Last Post-Activities

  • At the end of the class we are going to check what they have already learnt, so the students will put in practice their knowledge with a funny game.

Spelling Bee

  • Description: Teams of students work together in this spelling bee with a twist.

  • Objectives: Students willwork in teams to spell words, take turns calling out letters to correctly spell words, earn points for each correctly spelled word.

  • Lesson Plan: For this spelling game, arrange students into equal-size teams of anywhere from 3 to 10 players. Have students line up or sit in circles; each team should choose a member to be their first player.

Before beginning the game, decide whether you want the words in this spelling bee contest to be words most students should be able to spell without error, current spelling words, commonly misspelled words, or challenging words.

Choose a team to begin and call out a word for that team to spell; use the word in a sentence so students hear the word used in context. Have students take turns calling out one letter of the word at a time; the first student on the team calls out the first letter of the word, the second person calls out the second letter, and so on. (If the word has four or more letters and the team has only three members, then play returns to the first person on the team after the third letter is called out.) If the team correctly spells the word, they earn one point and play moves to the second team. If the second team spells their word correctly, they earn one point and play moves to the third team

When a team spells a word incorrectly, play passes immediately to the next team. If that team spells the word correctly, they earn two points (the one they earned and the one that would have been given to the first team if they had spelled the word correctly);

if the second team spells the word incorrectly, play passes to the third team, which earns three points if they correctly spell the word

At the end of the game, the team with the most points might be awarded a special prize.

(Points for the test)


After students get comfortable with the flow of the game, you might try the following variations:

Place a time limit on play. For example, each team might have 15 seconds to spell their assigned word. If they take more time than that, play immediately moves to the next team.

If a player makes a mistake by calling out the wrong letter, the next player on the team might be given the opportunity to correct the spelling error. If that player does not correct the error, play immediately moves to the next team.

  • List of Words:

  • Grandmother

  • Grandchildren

  • Mother

  • Great grandfather

  • Great grandmother

  • Stepfather

  • Stepmother

  • Uncle

  • Father

  • Brother

  • Cousin

  • Daughter

  • Great grandson

  • Grandchildren

  • Children

  • Godfather

  • Girlfriend

  • Boyfriend

  • Twins

  • Wife

  • Generation

  • Acquaintance

  • Firstborn


  • While Activity 1 Family

  • Spelling Bee: Education World

  • Programa 5to Básico:

  • FamilyTree:

  • PronounActivity:

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