Catalysing connected approaches to innovation
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Catalysing connected approaches to innovation. Pam Waddell Innovation Futures Summit March 14 th 2011. Market-led demonstrators. Innovation infrastructure. Wealth Opportunity Worth. Innovation in Business. People - skills and attitudes. U nderpinning R&D.

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Catalysing connected approaches to innovation

Catalysing connected approaches to innovation

Pam Waddell

Innovation Futures Summit

March 14th 2011



Innovation infrastructure




Innovation in Business

People - skills

and attitudes

Underpinning R&D

Communication & promotion

Aim of discussion
Aim of discussion

  • To give you an opportunity to contribute here and now to thinking on what collective actions can support WOW objectives

  • To identify 2 ideas in each action area that we can develop further collectively and pursue

  • To kick start discussion on the Innovation Futures for the West Midlands LinkedIn group

Discussion instructions
Discussion instructions

  • 10 minutes to individually come up with 2 or 3 ideas for cooperative activities against any of 6 areas

  • A table for each of 6 action areas: Stick post-it notes with ideas on the posters by most relevant table

  • After 10 minutes sit at table of your choice to participate in a collective discussion (spread out please!)

  • Spend 20 minutes grouping suggestions and coming up with two top ideas for cooperative activities

  • Chair from each table will feed back the two agreed priority ideas

  • Innovation infrastructure: Provision of physical and virtual infrastructure to support innovation e.g. science parks, broadband access, business finance, technical, financial and legal services.

  • People –skills and attitudes: Equippingindividuals of all ages with the necessary aspirations, qualifications and skills to contribute to and benefit from science and its exploitation.

  • Underpinning R &D: Development of an excellent, outward facing pure and applied research base and industrial R&D capacity, focussed on strategic themes.

  • Innovation in business: Stimulation of transfer, development and commercialisation of technical knowledge through companies, clusters, industries and supply chains, existing and new.

  • Demonstrators – solving problems and creating markets: Tackling technical and market challenges in the public or private sector, through demonstrator projects or outcome-based procurement.

  • Communication, networking and promotion: Collective demonstration of excellence, confidence and shared goals and approaches.