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Tables. Keyboarding Objective—4.04 Apply correct table format. A table is a grid of rows and columns used to display and organize information. What is a Table?. Columns. Cell. Rows. Gridlines. Creating a Table.

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Keyboarding Objective—4.04

Apply correct table format.

creating a table





Creating a Table
  • Tables are created by defining the number of rows and columns that will be needed to enter information.
  • Rows show the horizontal arrangement of data.
  • Columns show the vertical arrangement of data.
  • Cells are the boxes that are formed as the row and column intersect.
  • Gridlinesare the vertical and horizontal lines in the table.
formatting a table


Center the main title in all capital letters and bold.

Right align number entries.

Left align or center text entries.

Key the $ symbol in the first entry to show currency.


Center the secondary title in initial caps and bold.

Center and bold column headings.

Left align the source note under the table, which identifies the source of the information in the table.

SS or DS between table entries (body).

Formatting a Table

EAST MIDDLE SCHOOLCareer and Technical Education

parts of a table

Secondary Title

Main Title

Column Headings



Parts of a Table

Key the $ symbol in the first entry to show currency for the number entries.

Key the $ symbol with total entries to show currency.

inserting tables
If the table is the only object on the page:

Center the table vertically, leaving equal top and bottom margins.

Center the table horizontally, leaving equal left and right margins.

For best results use automatic vertical and horizontal centering features in your word processing software (if available).

Equal top and bottom margins

Equal left and right margins

Inserting Tables
inserting tables1



Inserting Tables
  • If the table is inserted between text:
    • Double space above and below the table.
table notes to remember
Table Notes to Remember
  • Center the main title in all capital letters and bold.
  • Double space after the main title.
  • Center secondary titles in initial caps, and bold.
  • Double space after the secondary title.
  • Center align and bold column headings.
  • Single or Double space is appropriate between entries.
  • Text entries may be aligned on the left or centered.
  • Numerical entries are usually right aligned.
  • The source note should be left aligned under the table.