Tomislav skra i ma undergraduate english course for mari ne engineers 2nd semester
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Tomislav Skračić, MA Undergraduate English Course for MARI NE ENGINEERS 2nd Semester - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tomislav Skračić, MA Undergraduate English Course for MARI NE ENGINEERS 2nd Semester. Essential reading: SPINČIĆ, A., An English Textbook For Marine Engineers I ., Pomorski fakultet, Rijeka 2008.

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Tomislav skra i ma undergraduate english course for mari ne engineers 2nd semester

Tomislav Skračić, MAUndergraduate English Course forMARINE ENGINEERS2nd Semester

Essential reading:

SPINČIĆ, A., An English Textbook For Marine Engineers I., Pomorski fakultet, Rijeka 2008.

LUZER, J., SPINČIĆ, A., Gramatička vježbenica engleskog jezika za pomorce, Pomorski fakultet, Rijeka 2003.


spontaneous combustion - samozapaljenje

at a graduated rate - stupnjevanom količinom / brzinom

a wide range - širok raspon / izbor

regarding - s obzirom na

with regard to - s obzirom na

feature (n.) - značajka, kvaliteta, osobina

operating cyclus - radni ciklus

invariably - nepromijenjivo, redovito

in-line engine = L-engine - redni motor, L-motor (s cilindrima poredanim u red)

V-engine = Vee engine - V-motor (s cilindrima složenim u 2 reda pod kutem)

single-acting engine - jednoradni motor

double-acting engine - dvoradni motor

opposed-piston engine - motor s protuhodnim klipovima



trunk-piston engine - klipni motor (bez križne glave)

crosshead engine - motor s križnom glavom

direct coupled engine = direct drive engine - motor s neposrednim pogonom propelera, bez reduktora

geared engine = indirect drive engine - motor s posrednim pogonom propelera, s reduktorom

reduction gearing - reduktor

shafting (n.) - osovinski sustav

clockwise - u smjeru kazaljke na satu

anticlockwise / counterclockwise - obrnuto smjeru kazaljke na satu

direct-reversible engine - direktno-prekretni motor

non-reversible engine / unidirectional engine - neprekretni motor


The diesel engine is a compression ignition engine = a type of engine in which air is compressed to a pressure sufficient enough to produce a high temperature for spontaneous combustion of the fuel injected into the cylinder at the graduated rate.



Rudolf Diesel

(1858 – 1913) was a German inventor and mechanical engineer, famous for the invention of the Diesel engine.


Thediesel engine underwent much development and became a very important replacement for the steam piston engine in many applications. Because the diesel engine required a heavier, more robust construction than a gasoline engine, it was not widely used in aviation. The diesel engine became widespread in many other applications, however, such as stationary engines, submarines, ships, and much later, locomotives, trucks, and in modern automobiles. Diesel engines are most often found in applications where a high torque requirement and low RPM requirement exist.


There are various types and designs of marine diesel engines, mainly regarding the following features:







The important parts

  • Crankshaft

  • Crankcase

  • Main bearings

  • Bedplate

  • Lube oil system

  • Cooling water system


Cylinder head

Fuel injector

Exhaust valve gear



Piston pin (Gudgeon pin)

Connecting rod


According to the action of the piston:

Single-acting engineOne side of the piston and one end of the cylinder are used to develop powerDouble-acting engineBoth sides of the piston and both cylinder ends are used to develop powerOpposed-piston engineCombustion occurs in the middle of the cylinder, between two pistons travelling in opposite directions

According to the speed: of the connecting rod:

Slow-speed engineruns below 200 revolutions per minuteMedium-speed enginebetween 200-750 rev/minHigh-speed engineabove 750 rpm

According to the direction of rotation: of the connecting rod:

Direct-reversible enginedesigned to rotate in either the clockwise and anticlockwise directionNon-reversible / Unidirectional enginenot made to run in the opposite direction

With regard to the arrangement of the cylinders there are two designs:

In-line engine / L-enginecylinders are placed vertically in lineb)V-engine / Vee enginecylinders are placed at angles in two separate planes or ‘banks’

In-line engine two designs:

Vee engine two designs:

According to the way the main engine is joined to the shafting:

Direct-coupled enginecoupled directly to the propeller shafting = direct driveGeared enginecoupled to a reduction gearing (gearbox) = indirect drive

According to the shafting:cycle of operation:

Two-stroke enginethe cycle (injection – exhaust – scavenge – compression) is completed in two strokes of the piston or one revolution of the crankshaft

Four-stroke enginethe cycle is completed in four strokes of the piston or one revolution of the crankshaft

Some questions

The diesel is defined as a compression ignition engine. What does it mean?

What is a main engine and what an auxiliary?

What do the terms direct drive and indirect drive refer to?

How may engines be classed according to speed?

What are undirectional engines?

True or false
TRUE OR FALSE shafting:

The diesel engine is a type of external combustion engine where the fuel,which contains chemical energy, is burned in a special combustion chamber.

In diesel engines combustion occurs in the cylinder either by compression or spark.

High-speed engines are direct-drive engines.

The pistons of single-acting engines have one end closed and one end open.

True or false1
TRUE OR FALSE shafting:

Diesel generators are directly reversible.

Slow-speed engines allow direct coupling to the propeller shafting.

The crosshead engine design reduces the engine height and the number of working parts.

Rudolf Diesel was burried in Pula.