Eye Makeup That Matches Well With Your Eye
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Eye Makeup That Matches Well With Your Eye Shape - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Makeup can make anyone even more charming just as easily as it can spoil everything. Knowing the right makeup tricks one can easily emphasize their individuality and grace…!

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Eye Makeup That Matches Well With Your Eye Shape

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Eye Makeup That Matches Well With Your Eye Shape….

Makeup can make anyone even more charming just as easily as it can spoil everything. Knowing the right makeup tricks one can easily emphasize their individuality and grace…!

Most of you don’t even think that eye makeup will enhance your face beauty and well compliment your eyes when it is applied according to your eye shape. A simple right eye shadow application technique can make your smaller eyes look bigger, downturned eyes look lifted, and more.

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So…..What’s Your Eye Shape?

•First and foremost, do you have a crease on your eyelid? If your answer is “no” then definitely you have “Monolid” Eyes.

•If you were to put a straight line across the center of each eye, do the outer corners appear to upwards, if yes then it’s Upturned Eyes.

•Opposite to the upturned eyes is downturned eyes, if eyes are angling downwards then you have Downturned Eyes.

•If your eyes has an extra layer of skin that drops over the crease then this eye shape is Hooded Eyes.

•If your eye whites section is clearly visible anywhere around your iris when you are looking straight ahead then it is the Round Eye Shape.

•But if your iris disappear into your upper and lower eyelids then you have Almond Shape Eye.

Flattering Eye Makeup Tips For Your Eye Shape……

Hooded Eyelids:

Hooded eyes have an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease which causes the lid to appear smaller. To draw the focus rightly upward, don’t use the darker shadow over and out the crease. Tight line the top waterline to give it an intense and enlarge look. Thicken the lash base which can also can disappear under the lid fold.

Close Set Eyes:

This skin of eyes are less than the eyeball width. Creating the illusion of more space is simply a matter of using lighter shade eye shadows in the inner corners. So try some frosty white or sparkling nude hues. Dan some extra mascara or add individual lashes to the outer corner to pull the focus outward.

Upturned Eyes:

This eye shape is very much similar like an almond with a natural lift at the outer corner. This eye shape carries more emphasis in the lower lid and looks longer than the top lid. For balancing the upper and lower proportions, you need to apply some darker shades of eye shadow or pencil along the outer lower corner to give it a lifted effect. Whether you are making a standard smoky eye or a vibrant masterpiece, always use the mirror effect by swiping off the colors along the bottom lash line.

Protruding Eyes:

Protruding eyes makes the appearance of projected lids in the eye socket area. Luckily, the swell gives you plenty of lid space to play with. To keep the lid from overpowering your look, apply darker lips all over your eyes because the darker shade recede space and size. Other than this smoky eyes works great with this eye shape. Apply thick liner along your upper lash line to further diminish some the space.

Wide Set Eyes:

Eyes that are larger than the eyeball width is wide set eyes. The best thing about the wide set eyes are that they make you look younger!

To create the illusion of closer eyes you need to work hard on your liner application practice. Use some darker eyeliner shades to line the top and bottom lash line. Don’t create a heavy or bulky line all over the lid but instead of that start with a thin line near the tear duct and pull it toward the outer eye and create a thicker line as you pull. Don’t forget to apply mascara to small lashes on your inner eye!

Round Eyes:

If your eye’s shape is round,So start the makeup with applying foundation on your upper eyelid. Then visually change the shape of your eyes by applying some darker shade eye shadow on the outer side of moving eyelid. Draw a line using eye pencil along your lash line to emphasize your eye’s round shape. It’s better not to draw a line from the inner corner of the eye. Start applying it from the middle of the moving eyelid and move to the outer corner. Finish it with a small wing. You can also line the inside rim of your eyelid along the lash line to achieve more intense look. To give more voluminous look to your eyelashes, apply mascara.

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