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xtra cool, xciting, xcellent, xtc. Xserver. API gives the greatest flexibility to provide the interface your patrons want You can explore your own innovative ideas Lower cost (with important exceptions). Why use a different OPAC interface?.

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Why use a different opac interface

Why use a different OPAC interface?

Overview of project

  • Started about two years ago, first Aleph x-server script your patrons want

  • About one year ago, WorldCat API introduced

  • Feb 2009 IDS Search team formed

    • IDS Search based on WorldCat API

  • Fall 2009, scripts re-written

    • new "framework" works with both Aleph x-server and WorldCat API

    • X-server and IDS Search started separately, but are merging into single framework (still looking for a nice brand name)

Overview of Project

Amanda hollister

Web Services Librarian & Jack of all Trades  your patrons want

  • Embedded the Xserver catalog into a development version of the library website 

  • Surveyed the library for feedback

  • Created a stand alone version of the catalog

  • Surveyed the campus for feedback

Amanda Hollister

Library feedback

  • tag cloud, google preview, words in description link to catalog, rss feed (which students won't understand but I liked)

  • The TAG CLOUD - re-invents the ability to "browse" for relevant subjects

  • Like the pictures of books along with the abstract on the first screen, and the subject tags on the side.

  • I would get rid of the Marc record. Overkill for the average Joe.  

  •  "Sort by" option should be more obvious in my opinion, possibly above the results.

  • If there is a tag cloud is there a way for users to tag items? 

Library feedback

Campus feedback positive

  • readable font and brings to possible other choices. catalog, rss feed (which students won't understand but I liked)

  • the search engine is pretty useful

  • Good if you know an author and/or title.

  • The graphics were better to look at than the regular one, which are blurry

  • it's a quick one click process

  • Entering in one search field and getting good results. Subject tag cloud. Images of book covers. Easy to sort results.

  • I able to find all of my resources

  •  Not much other than it's easy.

  •  Large print, colorful, subject cloud on left resembles other dztabases.

Campus feedback - positive

Campus feedback positive1

I like I can find things catalog, rss feed (which students won't understand but I liked)

Campus feedback - positive

Campus feedback negative

  • Not good for subject matter and browsing catalog, rss feed (which students won't understand but I liked)

  • I was not sure how interpret some of the information -- it confused me and was it useful to the user. Seems like the search was broader and I am not sure how to make the search more narrow.

  • lack of instructions, explanations

  • I have no idea what went wrong when it didn't find what I was looking for. No information about partial matches, despite the search tips.

    tell us what it is and how it works, plz.

campus feedback - negative

Campus feedback negative1

It should be clearly linked to on-line resources. No one goes to the library anymore. More journals should be on-line

Campus feedback - negative

Website integration

  • your users stay on your library site  goes to the library anymore. More journals should be on-line

  • can add Meebo chat to the "no-results" page 

    What if your patrons searches bought up the contact information for a subject librarian?

Website integration

Tracking failed searches
Tracking failed searches goes to the library anymore. More journals should be on-line

Tracking user paths

  • Weblog analysis goes to the library anymore. More journals should be on-line

  • Google Analytics

  • SUNY Cortland user path data

Tracking user paths

Interface features online demo

  • Abstract/summary on results page goes to the library anymore. More journals should be on-line

  • Tag cloud

  • Facets

  • Search form re-populated

  • Google Books previews

  • Spellcheck

  • Citation/bibliography links

  • Direct metadata (author name, subject words) links

  • Search results as RSS feeds

  • OpenURL/COinS (Zotero compatible)

  • Embedded Amazon suggestions/Google Books results

  • Optimized print media CSS

Interface Features (online demo)

Hosting and continued development

  • IDS and OLIS exploring options for central hosted site goes to the library anymore. More journals should be on-line

    • Target go live date January 2010

  • Open Source project

    • Self-hosting options

      • Local campus PHP server

      • 3rd party hosted (LISHost, hostgator, etc.)

    • Local development, uploaded to central server (Subversion, other collaboration options)

    • Submit feature suggestions to development team (but we will actually listen to you!)

Hosting and Continued Development

Online demos

  • http://www.sunybroome.edu/library/search/projects/xsearch/form.phphttp://www.sunybroome.edu/library/search/projects/xsearch/form.php

  • http://www.sunybroome.edu/library/search/projects/worldcat/form.php

  • http://www.sunybroome.edu/c2/form.php

  • http://www.buffalostate.edu/library/collections/bard.php

  • http://www.sunybroome.edu/s/start.php?oclc_symbol=YSY&scope=group&group_member[0]=YSY&group_member[1]=BNG

  • http://www.sunybroome.edu/library/x_reports/report_form.html

Online Demos

Questions discussion

Contact Us: http://www.sunybroome.edu/library/search/projects/xsearch/form.php

  • Michael Curtis

  • Systems Librarian

  • Broome Community College

  • [email protected]

  • 607-778-5609

  • Amanda Hollister

  • Web Service Librarian

  • SUNY Cortland

  • [email protected]

  • 607-753-5717

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