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DISASTER MANAGEMENT PLAN. SRI POTTI SRIRAMULU NELLORE DISTRICT. S.P.S. NELLORE DISTRICT - PROFILE. Location: Southern end of A.P Northern Latitute: 13 –25’ and 15 –55’ Eastern Longtitude: 70 –09’ and 80 –14’ Geographical Area: 13,076 sq.kms

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Sri potti sriramulu nellore district



S p s nellore district profile


  • Location: Southern end of A.P

  • Northern Latitute: 13 –25’ and 15 –55’

  • Eastern Longtitude: 70 –09’ and 80 –14’

  • Geographical Area: 13,076 sq.kms

    (4.75% of the State)

  • Coastal running length : 165 Kms(Bay of Bengal)

  • Total Mandals : 46

  • Total Population(2001 Census) : 26.69 lakhs

  • Coastal Mandals : 11

  • Vulnerable Population : 82,883

  • Flood Prone Mandals : 12

  • Cyclone shelters in use : 162

Sri potti sriramulu nellore district

District Profile contd…

  • Tanks in Coastal Mandals : 153

  • Railway affecting Tanks : 152

  • Cyclone prone months : May & Sept. to December

  • Major Rivers : 3 (Pennar,Swarnamuki & Kalangi)

  • Net cropped area : 25.75%

  • (out of total geographical area of 13.16 lakh hectares)

  • Main Water sources: Somasila Project, Sangam

  • Anicut, Kavali Canl, Kanigiri

  • Reservoir etc.

  • Type of Soil :Red Soil (40%)

District profile contd

District Profile contd…

  • Length of Pennar River : 120 Kms

  • Total catchment area : 1,15,377 sq.kms

  • Swarnamukhi River : 60 kms

  • Total catchment area : 2,771.5 sq.kms

  • Length of the Flood Banks:

    Above Sangam Anicut : 6.630 kms

    Below Sangam Anicut : 52.575 kms

    Above Nellore Anicut : 16.370 kms

    Below Nellore Anicut : 17.630 kms

    Tidal Banks : 16.000 kms

District profile contd1

District Profile contd…

  • Cyclone Season: North-East Monsoon

  • Flood Season: October to December

  • Flood Warning at Sangam Anicut:

  • First Warning : Flood level 1.20 mt (4 ft)

  • Second Warning : Flood level 1.80 mt (6 ft)

Sri potti sriramulu nellore district


Cyclone flood vulnerable mandals 23

Cyclone/Flood vulnerable Mandals (23)

History of cyclones


History of cyclones contd

History of Cyclones contd…

History of cyclones1

History of Cyclones

Location of cyclone flood stores of irrigation department

Location of Cyclone/Flood stores of Irrigation Department



  • Special Supervising Officers: 3 R.D.Os

  • Rescue teams positioned: 11

  • Rescue Teams : MPDO


    Police (2)

  • Special Officers appointed for

    Cyclone prone Mandals : 23

  • No.of Control Rooms : : 50

    ( District Level : 1 , Divisional Levels : 3 &

    Mandal Levels : 46 )

Departmental action plans

Departmental Action Plans

Irrigation Department

- Identification of Vulnerable Points

- Patrolling of Bunds

- Servicing of gates/outlet sluices

- Procurement of material for Flood Stores

- Formation of ring bunds and procurement of

sand bags

Revenue Department

- Installation of Wireless Sets

- Procurement of components for Wireless sets

like batteries etc.

Departmental action plans contd

Departmental Action Plans contd..

Revenue Department contd..

- Identification suitable Buildings for Relief Camps

- Identification of local organizations for voluntary

participation during Disasters

- Co-ordination with all departments for evacuation

- Preparation of road map for Men & Material movement

- Publicity about Cyclone/Disaster through all types of Media

- Awareness and Information percolation to avoid rumors


I & PR Department

- Communication of warnings : Electronic & Print Media

- Distribution of posters and other publicity materials

Departmental action plans contd1

Departmental Action Plans contd..

Transport Department

Procurement of Vehicles

Procurement of Private Proclaines, JCBs etc.

Fisheries Department

Requisition of Mechanized Boats

Identification of Swimmers, Positioning them in appropriate places

Communicating warning to Fishermen about Cyclone avoiding

them not to enter into sea

Repairing and conditioning of VHF Sets

Assessment of damages

Departmental action plans contd2

Departmental Action Plans contd….

Civil Supplies Department

Stocking of essential commodities like Rice, Kerosene, Wheat and

Pulses required for Relief Camps, Post Disaster Management

Procurement of Men and Vehicles for transport of essential


Stocking Petrol & Diesel required for Vehicles & Mechanized


Positioning of Bowsers for refueling Helicopters

Departmental action plans contd3

Departmental Action Plans contd…

Panchayat Raj & Municipal Administration

Stocking of Bleaching Powder, Chlorines liquid/Gas/Tablets,

alum, disinfectants

Deploying Sanitation Teams

Usage of fogging machines for vector control

Removal of accumulated Garbage, Carcasses etc.

RWS & S, Public Health

Stocking of Bleaching Powder, Chlorines liquid/Gas/Tablets,

alum, disinfectants

Monitoring Drinking Water Supplies

Verification of Community water storage tanks for potability

Procurement of spares and stand by pump sets, Gen sets for uninterrupted water supplies

Departmental action plans contd4

Departmental Action Plans contd..

Medical & Health

Stocking of Bleaching Powder, Chlorine liquid/Gas/Tablets, alum, disinfectants

Stocking of life saving drugs, vaccines, I.V.Fluids

Forming and positioning of Medical/Para Medical Teams at critical places

Coordinating with Medical Institutions for deploying Medical Volunteers

Coordinating with 108, Corporate Hospitals, Red Cross and NGOs

Departmental action plans medical health contd

Departmental Action Plans: Medical & Health contd..

Departmental action plans medical health contd1

Departmental Action Plans: Medical & Health contd..

Departmental action plan contd

Departmental Action Plan contd…..

Fire & Emergency Services

Joining the Police, Revenue and Local community people etc in rescue and Relief.

Forming Teams for evacuation of people from low lying areas and other vulnerable points

Conducting rescue operations along with teams in collapsed buildings, structures and road clearance

Bailing out of water from low lying areas where required

Procurement of Life Jackets, Automobile tyre tubes with air and sophisticated SAR equipment

Departmental action plans contd5

Departmental Action Plans contd…

Animal Husbandry

Procurement & Stocking of Animal feed

Forming Veterinary Teams, sensitize Gopala Mitras and NGOs

Transportation of Animals to safer places

Organizing Mobile Veterinary Clinics

Disposal of Carcasses


Assess damages to crops

Assessing the sand casting and assisting in removal

Procurement & Stocking of Seeds, Fertilizers and Pesticides

Departmental action plans contd6

Departmental Action Plans contd….

R & B and Panchayat Raj Roads

Identify weak bridges & vulnerable roads – Divert the traffic

Procurement of Men, Material & Equipment and Machinery for immediate restoration of traffic

Procurement of power saws and removal of road blocks

Inventory preparation of privately owned Machinery & Equipment

Clearing of water ways for free flow of water at CD works

Departmental action plans contd7

Departmental Action Plans contd…


Procurement and Placing of Gen sets, Transformers.

Procurement of Men, Material & Equipment and Machinery for immediate restoration of power.

Identification of loose wires and dangerous distribution network


Procurement and placing of Bamboos/Casurina poles

Maintenance of shelter belt plantations and mangroves

Response plan during cyclone

Response Plan – During Cyclone

Response plan during cyclone contd

Response Plan – During Cyclone contd…

Second Warning:

Reporting of Spl.Officers : Collector/JC/DRO

Evacuating people from low-lying areas : Collector/JC/RDOs

Setting up of Relief Centres : Tahsildars

Positioning of Boats : J.D., Fisheries

Positioning of Vehicles : DTC & RTA

Deployment of Medical Teams : D.M & H.O

Deployment of Veterinary Teams : J.D., A.H.

Sanitation : DPO/Mpl.Commr.

Supply of labour & material : Sarpanch & VRO

Response plan contd

Response Plan contd….

Response plan contd1

Response Plan contd…

Response plan contd2

Response Plan contd…..

Communication system

Communication system

  • Revenue VHF net work, Police network and HAM

  • 46 Mandals equipped with one base set and one hand set.

  • 3 Divisional Offices with one base set, one hand set and mobile sets to vehicles.

  • Other departments ie. D.R.D.A, DWMA, Agriculture, C.P.O, D.E.O, DM&HO, Z.P, R.W.S, Irrigation and Mpl. Corporation having wireless sets.

  • Ham Radios available at Collectorate : 6 VHF

  • HAMs available in the District : 8

Communication contd

Communication contd….

  • Police Wireless sets also requisitioned in times of disaster.

  • VHF based Early Warning systems installed in identified coastal villages : 30

  • UNDP Kits available in the District

    Life Jackets – 40: Life Buoys - 105

    Ropes(20mm-30 mts length) – 80

    Dragon Lights - 40

Line departments

Line Departments

Revenue Department

Civil Supplies Departments

Police Department

Roads & Buildings Department

Panchyatraj & Irrigation Department

Medical & Health Department


Animal Husbandary Department


Fisheries Department



Municipalities & Public Health

Revenue civil supplies depts


  • F.P.Shops in Coastal Mandals : 436

  • Stocks of Rice positioned : 33856.40 qtls.

  • Stock of Kerosene positioned : 873785 ltrs.

  • No. of Petrol & Diesel bunks existing : 99

  • No.of Boats available with Tahsildars : 7

  • Cyclone store maintained at Collectorate.

  • Cyclone Shelters in good condition : 162

  • Swimmers available : 217

  • NGOs involved in Disasters : 8

  • HAM Operators : 9

  • Relief Centres Opened : 162

    Cyclone Shelters, all Govt.Buildings including Govt.and Z.P.Schools are used as Relief Centres as per the need.

Details of cyclone stores dist level

Details of Cyclone Stores – Dist.Level

Details of cyclone stores dist level1

Details of Cyclone Stores – Dist.Level

Details of cyclone stores dist level2

Details of Cyclone Stores – Dist.Level

Cyclone stores contd

Cyclone Stores contd…

Details of cyclone stores division mandal level

Details of Cyclone Stores –Division/Mandal Level

Police department


  • No.of Police stations existing : 57

  • Keep personnel at vulnerable points ie., cause ways/level crossings/weak bridges/traffic jam points to regulate vehicular traffic.

  • Coordinate in evacuation and keep police personnel at relief centres/cyclone shelters for preventing thefts.

Fire service department

Fire Service Department

  • No.of Fire Stations : 12

  • No.of Fire Service Personnel: S.F.O: 6

    L.F: 25

    D.O.P: 27

    F.M: 73

  • Home Guards : F.M: 23

    D.O.P: 5

Fire services contd

Fire Services contd…

Appliances & Rescue Equipment

  • Water Tenders:Tripple Unit: 02

    Single Units: 11

  • Ropes: Cotton : 31

    Manila : 18

  • Ladders available : 13

  • B.A.Set available : 08

  • Dragon Light available : 13

  • Life Buoys available : 34

  • Life Jackets available : 30

Roads buildings department


  • Vulnerable roads identified : 30

  • Power saws available: 3

  • Empty Cement Bags available : 10000

  • Permanent Helipads available : 4

    Gudur, Sullurpet, Nellore, Kavali

  • Special teams to report the losses sustained to the public properties. : 40

Panchayat raj irrigation departments


  • Vulnerable tanks identified : 33

  • Tanks located adjacent to Railway Line: 152

  • Vulnerable roads identified : 277

  • Lengh of roads : 902.04 Kms

  • Flood banks to protect ayacut, properties

    and human lives : 5

    - Above Sangam Anicut system : 6.630 kms

    - Below Sangam Anicut: 52.575 kms

    - Above Nellore Anicut: 16.370 kms

    - Below Nellore Anicut: 17.630 kms

    - Tidal Banks: 16.000 kms

P r irrgn contd

P.R & Irrgn. Contd..

  • Flood Duty Officers : 20

  • Villages prone to submersion: 19

    Material and Tools kept ready

    - E.C.Bags : 26000

    - Casuarina: 600 nos

    - Bamboos : 710

    - Sand : 400 cum

    - Country Twine: 40 kgs

    - Coir Rope: 180 kgs

P r irrgn departments contd


- Kerosene: 400 lts

- Needles : 20 nos

- Torch lights: 20 nos

- Crow bars: 24 nos

- Memoties: 80 nos

- Filling axes: 8 nos- Hay bundles: 300 nos

- Haricana lanterns: 4 nos

- Earthwork Baskets : 250 nos

- Prick Piece Hooks : 8 nos

Medical health department


  • Control room in DM&HO’s Office round the clock in three shifts.

  • 62 PHCs in the District serving 26.08 lakh people.

  • Reserve Teams opened under the supervison of zonal Officer : 3

  • 108 Emergency ambulance service available : 18

  • Rapid response in DM & HO office with ambulance and medicines.



  • Agricultural godowns available in all 46 Mandals

  • Agricultural teams formed for quick threshing of harvested heaps, paddy sieves.

  • Green Manure seed, Gypsum, Zinc sulphate available in Agrl.godowns.

  • Soil Testing Centre available in Nellore.

  • Farmers Training Centre at Nellore



  • Crops easily affected due to disasters

  • Fruit crops, Vegetables, watermelon, Chillies and Betelvine

  • Teams formed to create awareness on pest and disease management.

Animal husbandry


  • Veterinary teams formed : 77

  • Vaccine available:

    - H.S : 12900 doses

    - E.T : 353300 doses

    - Anthrax: 40000 doses

    - RD-K: 148800 doses

    - RD-F1 : 74500 doses

    - F.P : 4600 doses

  • Special teams formed for disposal of carcases and for vaccination.

A p s p d c ltd


Services existing:

- Low tension : 803775

- High tension: 208

  • 63 KVA Generators available: 01

  • Sub-stations with wireless sets : 130

  • Set in good condition weak and twisted poles and hanging power lines.

  • Keep the required material in stores to restore power supply to all habitations.

Fisheries department


  • Life Buoys available : 4

  • Rescue Boats existing : 7

  • VHF Sets static at Shore station at Krishnapatnam : 01

  • VHF sets mobile fixed to the

    Mechnised Boats : 28

  • No.of Master Swimmers : 238

  • Command Torch : 1

Location of cyclone rescue boats




  • Open enquiry office at Railway Station with public address system.

  • Supply Food packets/Drinking Water to the stranded passengers and milk to the infants/old people.

  • Provide medical aid to the stranded passengers.

A p s r t c


  • No.of Buses available : 865

  • Caution Drivers and Conductors not to venture when cause ways/bridges are overflowing.

  • Regulate movement of buses to avert damages and break down in middle way.

A p s r t c details of bus depots

A.P.S.R.T.C - Details of Bus Depots

Municipalities public health


  • Fill all the O.H.S.Rs and keep hygienic drinking water ready.

  • Close all the pit taps and construction of platforms to public fountains and borewells

  • Keep sufficient quantities of bleaching powder.

  • Arresting leakages on the identified pumping mains and distribution lines

  • Keep generators ready to put in use in times of failure of power supply.

Undp programme


  • Community Based Disaster Risk Management Programme is taken up in 30 Habitations in 10 mandals

  • Mock Drill for cyclone in 16 villages identified covering 5 Mandals as a part of training under CBDRM.(photographs follows)

  • 30 wireless sets were installed in 30 identified coastal villages under Early warning system in the District.

Details of habitations where ews installed

Details of Habitations where EWS installed

Details of habitations where ews installed1

Details of Habitations where EWS installed

Details of habitations where ews installed2

Details of Habitations where EWS installed

Promoting mockdrill excercises at community level


Prepare community contingency plan with community participation


List of cyclone prone villages

List of Cyclone Prone Villages

Cyclone prone villages contd

Cyclone Prone Villages contd…

Cyclone prone villages contd1

Cyclone Prone Villages contd…

Cyclone prone villages contd2

Cyclone Prone Villages contd…

Cyclone prone villages contd3

Cyclone Prone Villages contd…

Cyclone prone villages contd4

Cyclone Prone Villages contd….

Cyclone prone villages contd5

Cyclone Prone Villages contd…

Cyclone shelter in the district

Cyclone Shelter in the District

Cyclone shelters contd

Cyclone Shelters contd…

Cyclone shelters contd1

Cyclone Shelters contd…

Cyclone shelters contd2

Cyclone Shelters contd..

Cyclone shelters contd3

Cyclone Shelters contd..

Cyclone shelters contd4

Cyclone Shelters contd..

Cyclone shelters contd5

Cyclone Shelters contd…

Cyclone shelters contd6

Cyclone Shelters contd..

Cyclone shelters contd7

Cyclone Shelters contd…

Cyclone shelters contd8

Cyclone Shelters contd…

Cyclone shelters contd9

Cyclone Shelters contd…

Cyclone shelters contd10

Cyclone Shelters contd…

Sri potti sriramulu nellore district


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