Directcrown lt indirect restorative technique
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DirectCrown LT Indirect Restorative Technique. Objective. This presentation is designed to educate dental professionals on a new, chair-side, single appointment, indirect restorative procedure using materials from DirectCrown. DirectCrown LT Indications. Restorations Posterior Crown

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Directcrown lt indirect restorative technique l.jpg

DirectCrown LTIndirect Restorative Technique

Objective l.jpg

This presentation is designed to educate dental professionals on a new, chair-side, single appointment, indirect restorative procedure using materials from DirectCrown.

Directcrown lt indications l.jpg
DirectCrown LT Indications

  • Restorations

    • Posterior Crown

    • Anterior Crown

    • Inlays/Onlays

  • Single Appointment Cases

  • Cost Conscious Consumers

  • Long-Term Provisional

Materials needed l.jpg
Materials Needed

  • LT Crown Kit (Crowns)

  • Impression Materials & Tray

  • Die Silicone & Separator

  • Model Base Material

  • Model Articulator

  • Composite Resin

  • Composite Activator

Indirect chair side technique overview l.jpg
Indirect Chair-side Technique Overview

Post-Clinical Preparation Steps

  • Impression

  • Model Fabrication

  • LT Crown Selection & Adaptation

  • Crown Fabrication

  • Final Occlusion and Cementation

Clinical view l.jpg
Clinical View

Pre operative occlusal view of tooth #31 after root canal and a build up

Impression taking alginate tray and detailer l.jpg
Impression Taking (Alginate,Tray and Detailer)

Clinical Impression of opposing dentition is captured on bottom

side of impression tray.

Impression detail l.jpg
Impression Detail

Preparation Detail

Model fabrication create silicone die model l.jpg
Model Fabrication Create Silicone Die Model

Express Silicone Die Material into cavity avoiding the creation of air pockets

Application of fast setting resin l.jpg
Application of Fast Setting Resin

Expression of die silicone into opposing dentition l.jpg
Expression of Die Silicone into Opposing Dentition

Fabricate articulating model l.jpg


Apply to articulator tray.


Apply fast setting base vinyl siloxane to impression tray.


Close articulator and allow to set firmly.

Fabricate Articulating Model

Articulated model l.jpg
Articulated Model

Tooth # 31

Directcrown lt selection l.jpg
DirectCrown LTSelection

Select the appropriate shade and crown shape for case.

Adaptation indirect try in on model l.jpg
AdaptationIndirect Try-In on Model

Adjustments can be made as necessary by trimming the LT Crown form.

Overextended margin needs adjustment

Prime and line l.jpg
Prime and Line

Use a composite activator solution to condition the LT to accept the liner composite.

Fill or line the LT shell with dentin composite avoiding formation of air pockets.

Try in on model adjust align l.jpg
Try In on Model, Adjust, Align

Use of a water soluble release agent will prevent adherence to model.

Margin lining contouring l.jpg
Margin Lining & Contouring

The model may be sectioned with a knife make contouring easier. The die can be removed from the tray and finished after initial curing of composite.

Polymerization l.jpg

Cure all surfaces. An LED curing light works best for this application.

Final curing l.jpg
Final Curing

Remove the LT Crown and cure the inside surfaces and margins to ensure polymerization of resin

Margin trimming l.jpg
Margin Trimming

Final margin adaptation l.jpg
Final Margin Adaptation

Sectioned die inspection l.jpg
Sectioned Die & Inspection

Superior fitting margins

Restoration ready for cementation or bonding l.jpg
Restoration Ready for Cementation or Bonding

Try in l.jpg
Try In

Occlusal contact requires modification

Final restoration l.jpg
Final Restoration

After final adjustment the crown is cemented in place

Directcrown lt indirect technique l.jpg
DirectCrown LT Indirect Technique

  • One-Visit Chair-side Crown Restoration

    • 35-45 Minute Procedure

  • Versatile…. Posterior & Anterior Restorations

  • Patient Affordable

  • High Patient Satisfaction

  • Predictable…. Strong, Durable, Micro-Hybrid Composite

  • Profitable

Call DirectCrown at 888-910-4490 with any questions.

Directcrown lt indirect restorative technique33 l.jpg

DirectCrown LTIndirect Restorative Technique

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