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Alex Watsik. Superman. Superman Traits. Superman was born on planet Krypton and sent to earth Superman has incredible strength and can fly His weakness is Krypton

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superman traits
Superman Traits
  • Superman was born on planet Krypton and sent to earth
  • Superman has incredible strength and can fly
  • His weakness is Krypton
  • Superman is a male in his 20’s or 30’s, is not married, and has nor formal education, although he is very intelligent and logical
  • He lives in a city called Metropolis
  • During the early years, Superman was portrayed as being very rough around the edges, terrorizing gangs, wife-beaters, and other criminals
  • During the later years Superman developed a strong moral code that he always stood by and today is seen as someone who always fights for justice and never kills
marketing superman in the past
Marketing Superman In the Past
  • Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and is owned by DC
  • In the past Superman has been marketed as a superhero who always does the right thing and was the inspiration for many of the superheroes that came after him
  • In the early years Superman appeared in jigsaw puzzles, paper dolls, bubble gum and trading cards available, as well as wooden or metal figures
  • Since then Superman has been in newspaper comics, TV shows, movies, and video games
how i would market superman
How I would Market Superman
  • Marketing Superman would be very easy
  • I would continue to show him in comics, movies, TV shows, and merchandise
  • Since he is already the most well known superhero, it won’t be hard to market him
  • The target market would be young kids and teens, as well as old people who originally read the comics