Network neutrality
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Network Neutrality. By Ema Woodward, Phil Denny, & Scott Harrison. What is Network Neutrality?. Network neutrality is a principle which proposes that there should be no restrictions with regards to user access networks

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Network neutrality

Network Neutrality

By Ema Woodward, Phil Denny, & Scott Harrison

What is network neutrality
What is Network Neutrality?

  • Network neutrality is a principle which proposes that there should be no restrictions with regards to user access networks

  • This means no restrictions on content, sites, equipment being used, modes of communication, etc.

  • Also, if two users are paying for the same level of access, then they should be able to connect to each other at that level


  • Since the early 2000s, net neutrality supporters have argued against the ability for broadband providers to block applications and content

  • In recent years, net neutrality has been up for debate, especially in the U.S.

Advocate for net neutrality
Advocate for Net Neutrality

  • Network Neutrality guarantees that the internet continues to be free and open

  • If cable companies were able to control what people did on the internet, it would cripple everything that made the internet a success

  • Network Neutrality is needed to maintain the end-to-end principle

Criticisms of net neutrality
Criticisms of Net Neutrality

  • There will be a need to limit the bandwidth usage, as the amount of bandwidth decreases

  • Payback for what cable and phone companies spent millions of dollars to create.

  • Different corporations may want different levels of service


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