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Inumc year end information
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INUMC Year End Information. Published December 31, 2013. (this is an auto-run presentation). Physical Office Address: Indiana  Annual Conference  301  Pennsylvania Pkwy, Suite 300    Indianapolis , IN 46280  877‐781‐6706 Office Hours M-F 8:30-4:30

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INUMC Year End Information

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Inumc year end information

INUMC Year End Information

Published December 31, 2013

(this is an auto-run presentation)

Address information

Physical Office Address:

Indiana Annual Conference 301 Pennsylvania Pkwy, Suite 300   Indianapolis, IN 46280 877‐781‐6706

Office Hours M-F 8:30-4:30

Tithe Remittance Address: INUMCDept. 6089 Carol Stream, IL 60122‐6089 Use this address for ALL Giving!

Address Information

Calculating tithe

The Conference is asking for a minimum of a 10% tithe of undesignated income and your district support is a % of this same income figure.

Specifically, below are the guidelines we passed as an Annual Conference in June, 2011 for what is to be included in that calculation.

Income from identified and unidentified contributors.

Pledged or unpledged income.

Undesignated interest and dividend income.

Income received from building use fees.

Income received from fundraisers and programs in support of the operating budget.

Income from capital campaigns, pass-through giving and tuition-based ministries is not included in the tithing calculation.

Calculating Tithe

2014 district percentages

North District 1%

Northeast District 1%

Northwest District 1%

North Central District 1%

Central District 1.5%

East District 1%

South District 1.5%

Southeast District 1.25%

Southwest District 1.2%

West District 1.45%

2014 District Percentages

Preparing w2s

In box 1 put Gross cash salary – Less Personal portion of health insurance

Flex Spending withholding

Pre-tax UMPIP contributions withheld

Housing or parsonage exclusion

Preparing W2s

Preparing w2s1

Boxes 3, 4, 5, and 6 should be 0s

for clergy

Preparing W2s

Preparing w2s2

Box 12a is where Employer AND

Employee portion of health insurance premiums are reported with code DD

Preparing W2s

Preparing w2s3

Also check the

box for Retirement plan

Box 12b is where pretax UMPIPcontributions go with code E

Preparing W2s

Preparing w2s4

"Housing Exclusion" or "Parsonage Exclusion" amount

is reported in Box 14 for informational purpose

Preparing W2s

Quarterly 941 filing

Include all gross salaries here less:

* clergy housing/parsonage exclusion for qtr

* flex spending withholding

* pre-tax UMPIP contributions withheld

* personal portion of health ins withheld

Quarterly 941 Filing

Quarterly 941 filing1

No clergy wages should appear in #5

Quarterly 941 Filing

Important dates 1 st qtr

Deadline for prior

year tithe payments

4th Quarter Form 941W-2’s to employees 1099’s to independent contractors

W-3’s, W-2’s to IRS WH-3’s to IN Dept of Revenue

Important Dates – 1stQtr

Important dates 2 nd qtr

1stQtr 941 Form

Form NP20 to IN Dept of Revenue, Property Tax Exemptions to local Assessor's office (if changes) Personal Property Tax Forms to Local Assessor’s office

Local Church Audit form to Conference Center

Important Dates – 2ndQtr

Important dates 3 rd 4 th qtrs

2ndQtr 941 Form

3rdQtr 941 Form

Important Dates – 3rd/4thQtrs

Useful websites

Useful Websites

Financial services contacts

  • Jennifer Gallagher, Director of Financial ServicesTax questions, Church financial visits

  • Heidi Harding, ControllerYear End Reporting, 941 & W2 questions, ROG

  • Elsie Miller, Database AdministratorAddress changes

  • Anne Hayton, Financial Services/Pension ClerkPension questions

  • Linda Eskew, Insurance ClerkInsurance questions

  • Diana Barnett, Financial Services Clerk Accounts Payable

  • Emily Burkhart, Financial Services Clerk/Camp RegistrarCamp registrations, Deposits

  • Jenni Walker, Financial Services ClerkMoving information

Email first name . last

Financial Services Contacts

Inumc year end information

For questions, comments, or suggestions on this presentation please contact Heidi Harding at the Conference Center.

You can also download a hard copy on the INUMC website under the Finance section.

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