Strategic Mission Focused Budget

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Traditional Budgeting. Last year's budget Year-end financial statement . Traditional Budgeting. . With small adjustments for: - fixed expenses - departmental expenses.=> NEXT YEAR'S BUDGET. Traditional Budgeting. REMAINS A TREASURER'SAND SOMETIMES A PASTOR'S UNDERTAKING..

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Strategic Mission Focused Budget

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1. Strategic Mission Focused Budget Presenter Jean-Luc Lézeau Stewardship Department General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

2. Traditional Budgeting Last year’s budget Year-end financial statement

3. Traditional Budgeting With small adjustments for: - fixed expenses - departmental expenses. => NEXT YEAR’S BUDGET


5. RESULTS Members are not involved in the process Members are not part of the mission project if there is any Small percentage of the overall budget left for departmental expenses Same commitment as before Budget scarcely meets its end



8. Who is responsible for the budget?

9. Not only the treasurer Not only the pastor Not only the church board But the whole church!

10. How can we get the whole church involved in church budgeting?

11. It has to start with the Pastor

12. The Seven Secrets of Strategic Budgeting

13. Pastoral Secret # 1 Is a model steward Is concerned with stewardship issues that affect his Church Builds confidence in pastoral leadership

14. Pastoral Secret # 2 Believes in the importance of stewardship teaching and training

15. Who is responsible to teach the members’ value system?

16. Pastoral Secret # 3 Regularly teaches & preaches stewardship truths, principles, and way of life.

17. A Disciple will be a good giver A good giver is not necessarily a good steward.

18. Only a disciple will be good steward. He will be generous from the right motives.

19. Pastoral Secret # 4 Revisits the Mission Statement of his Church

20. Mission Statement The Mission Statement tells who we are. What we believe in What we are here for

21. Mission Statement Is the Mission Statement still valid? Is it revised/evaluated annually? Do all church members know about it? Do they know it by heart?

22. Pastoral Secret # 5 Strategic Budgeting continues with the Vision

23. Vision The pastor must have a clear vision of his Mission He must share his Vision with his church members The Vision must not only be known but shared by all

24. CASTING THE VISION Model it Often – Every 30-45 days Develop it specifically Expound upon it regularly Let every member own it

25. It is only when the Vision is clear and owned by the members that they will support the objective(s) that are chosen

26. CASTING THE VISION Guide the Budget Development Process The process must fit the personality of your church Make sure it has credibility factors built-in Must be consistent with the Vision

27. Board Committee Members Must personally embrace and be committed to: The Church’s Mission and Vision The principles and practices of stewardship The Church’s leadership

28. Agenda for the First Budget Committee Attended by the full Church board, and Departmental Directors The pastor reviews the Church’s Mission and Vision statements The pastor highlights any changes, new opportunities, new ventures and sets the direction for the Church.

29. Agenda for the First Budget Committee The pastor reviews last year’s activities/programs and the results. Are these activities still in line with the actual Vision? Departmental directors are asked to work on next year’s program keeping the actual Vision in mind.

30. Departmental Planning Each department lays out plans/projects that fit within the Vision With the help of the Church treasurer, the cost of each project is estimated Expected results are to be given

31. Youth Department Projects

32. Departmental Director Interview The Church Board sets a schedule for interviewing each Departmental Director. Budget requests are made. Priorities are established in the light of the Mission and Vision of the church.

33. Pastoral Secret # 7 Only then can a Mission-centered budget be established

34. Projects The Church Board has to decide on projects that will accomplish the Mission and mirror the Vision.

35. Pastoral Secret # 8 Selecting projects

36. Selecting projects The Church Board evaluates projects and makes a prioritized list according to the following: Does the project fit the objective? Expected “return on investment”. Draw the line on last year’s budget.

37. Pastoral Secret # 8 Sifting the budget

38. Sifting the Budget The Church Board eliminates or reduces expenses that are not Mission centered. Only a balanced budget based on last year’s expenses can be presented.

39. Pastoral Secret # 9 Presenting the Budget

40. Presenting the Budget Fellowship concept more important than business meeting The whole Church Board and all Departmental Directors are present

41. Presenting the Budget The pastor casts the Vision again, emphasizing the objective Tie budget directly to the Church Mission to create ownership Encouraging involvement and support

42. Presenting the Budget The different departmental projects Stressing the cuts made for savings Outlining the fact that only part of the projects can be budgeted

43. Year 2003 Bible correspondence 500 Branch Sabbath Schools 2,500 5-Day Plan 1,000 Evangelistic Campaign 8,000 12,000 Open door for homeless 5,000 Youth camp 4,000

44. Pastoral Secret # 10 Asking for Church Support

45. Church acquires the projects

46. Asking for Support An opportunity for Kingdom building and eternal values Never leave a challenge hanging – give members an opportunity to respond, even silently

47. Pastoral Secret # 11 Follow Through

48. Follow Through Continue to do things throughout the year that promote good stewardship health Give progress reports monthly, using highlight of each project

49. Follow Through Add projects as additional funds are received and let members know

50. Keep in Mind Different generations give for different reasons People find significance in giving for something of eternal value Use the budget process to clarify and involve members in the Church’s Mission and Vision

51. Keep in Mind This will help them grow spiritually and in their personal walk with God This will build unity in your Church This will make them the Master’s disciple

52. Your members will enjoy building the Kingdom when they know it is both worthy & effective

53. The End

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