Giotto: Funeral of St Francis
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Giotto: Funeral of St Francis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Giotto: Funeral of St Francis. Giotto: The Madonna in Glory. Botticelli: The Birth of Venus. Raphael: The School Of Athens. Raphael:. Raphael: The Sistine Madonna. Raphael: The Holy Family. Raphael: Holy Family With a Lamb. Da Vinci: Mona Lisa. Da Vinci: The Last Supper (frescoe).

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Botticelli: The Birth of Venus

Raphael: The School Of Athens

Raphael: The Sistine Madonna

Raphael: The Holy Family

Raphael: Holy Family With a Lamb

Da Vinci: Mona Lisa

Da Vinci: The Last Supper (frescoe)

Da Vinci: St. John the Baptist

Michelangelo: The Creation of Adam

Michelangelo: God; Creation of Adam

Michelangelo: The Doni Tondo

Michelangelo: Pieta (Mary holding Jesus)

Masaccio: Baptism of the Neophytes

Durer: Self Portrait in a Fur Coat

Durer: Portrait of Oswalt Krel

van Eyck: Last Judgment

Veronese: Feast at the House of Levi

Holbein: Erasmus

Holbein: Henry VIII

Holbein the ambassadors
Holbein: The Ambassadors

Bruegel: Tower of Babel

Bruegel: Hunters in the Snow

Rembrandt: The Ascension