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Powertech UPSC Substation Capabilities. B-tech. Developed Battery monitoring system which monitors Substation Batteries The prime objective of this system is to identify faulty batteries and have them removed.

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Powertech UPSC Substation Capabilities

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Powertech upsc substation capabilities l.jpg

Powertech UPSC Substation Capabilities

B tech l.jpg


  • Developed Battery monitoring system which monitors Substation Batteries

  • The prime objective of this system is to identify faulty batteries and have them removed.

  • The system consists of an S5(brains and comms), BVM software Battery Validation Manager (analyzing software) and connections to each of the batteries in the line-up

  • Major advantage of this system is the ability to extract impedance information from the cell

  • Once this information is extracted it is sent to the BVM software for trending

B tech3 l.jpg


  • Rising Impedance tells us that the cell is failing

  • Trending the impedance can tell us when the cell will fail

  • Cells with high impedance will not deliver the rated capacity

  • Voltage can remain stable and mask defective cells

  • All of this information is available via B-techs BVM software which can be communicated to via Ethernet, modem or serial connection. Modbus and DNP protocols are available.

  • BVM software is easy to use, intuitive and Quickly identifies suspect batteries

Emspec l.jpg


Emspec5 l.jpg


  • research, develop and manufacture some of the highest quality, highest end switching equipment in the world, including high, medium and low voltage grounding switches, vertical breaks, center breaks, double side breaks, single side breaks, reversing switches, tilt types, telescopic types, semi-pantograph types, knee types and a complete range of manual and motor operators.

  • EMSPEC machines all of their parts, no parts are casted. Casting cannot produce a consistant part with equal electrical and physical properties. Machining the switch parts produces a safe, easily maintainable, reliable switch.

  • EMSPEC produces a modular motor operator which is safe reliable and easy to install and maintain. It allows easy interface to SCADA systems via multiple communication paths

Emspec6 l.jpg


Square d l.jpg

Square D

  • Manufactures monitoring equipment for substations. Square D has a full line of products with a full range of capabilities.

  • Excel in communications from the monitor to the RTU/Scada System

    • Ethernet/Serial/Modem

    • Multiple Protocols(DNP, Modbus, Ion, protocol interpreter

  • Software is available which compliments the hardware

    • Ion Enterprise (Scada, realtme software)

    • EEM (PQ software)

  • Technology available to calibrate high voltage CTs and Pts

  • Product portfolio l.jpg

    Product Portfolio


    ANSI C12.20



    Loss compensation

    Class A Metering

    Advanced Control

    Transient detection

    Sag/Swell detection

    High Speed Metering

    Direct Ethernet Access

    Revenue Accuracy

    Status Monitoring

    Waveform Capture

    Digital Comms

    Automatic Alarming & Control

    Trend Logging

    Energy Pulsing

    Real-time Power & Energy


    Current and potential calibration l.jpg

    Current and Potential Calibration

    Power design l.jpg

    Power Design

    • Modular Enclosures

    • These units are customizable to any size and any design

    • Can add electric, cable trays, venting, insulation.

    • User can assemble themselves in the substation

    Tech products l.jpg

    Tech Products

    • 1, 3 and 6 Inch Tags, Customizable Tags

    Powertech upsc l.jpg


    • Offer Technical Support/Advise

    • Offer Distribution and Stocking options out of Farmington Ct.

    • Offer splices and connectors for a full range of applications

    • Offer cable cleaners and cable prep kits and cable lubricants

    Inside sales contacts l.jpg

    Inside Sales Contacts

    Chris Halm (860) 678 8772 chalm@powertech-upsc.com

    Lisa Langdon (860) 678 8772 llangdon@powertech-upsc.com

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