Ch 31 cold war decolonization and nation building
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Ch 31: Cold War Decolonization and Nation Building PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ch 31: Cold War Decolonization and Nation Building. Cold War- Views and Policies Events of the Cold War Chinese Civil War Korean War Vietnam War Cuban Missile Crisis Middle East Conflict. Post War: US. Emerges as the richest most powerful nation on earth Why do you think that is?

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Ch 31: Cold War Decolonization and Nation Building

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Ch 31: Cold WarDecolonization and Nation Building

  • Cold War- Views and Policies

  • Events of the Cold War

    • Chinese Civil War

    • Korean War

    • Vietnam War

    • Cuban Missile Crisis

    • Middle East Conflict

Post War: US

  • Emerges as the richest most powerful nation on earth

  • Why do you think that is?

  • 400,000 Americans were killed

  • None of the fighting was done on US soil

Post War: Soviet Union (USSR)

  • 1 in 4 soviets was wounded or killed in WW II

  • The USSR suffered 400 times more deaths than the United States

  • Many of the Soviet cities were demolished

  • With all this devastation, how do you think the Soviet Union is still able to be a superpower in the world?

Post War Goals of the Super PowersList the goals you think each would have

  • Encourage democracy in other countries

  • Gain access to raw materials (remember Imperialism) in other countries

  • Rebuild European governments to create markets for American goods

  • Reunite Germany

  • Encourage communism in other countries

  • Rebuild It’s war ravaged economy using Eastern Europe's industrial equipment

  • Control Eastern Europe to protect the Soviet Union boarders

  • Keep Germany divided to prevent it from waging war again.

United States


How might each countries goals create conflict??

So now that the war is over and the Allies have split up Germany what next?

Develop the: United Nations

  • June 1945 - 48 countries ally to protect against aggressors

  • “General Assembly”- peace keeping group each who could cast a vote in decisions

  • “Security Council” 11 members had the power to investigate and settle disputes

  • The 5 permanent members-Britain, China, France, the USA , and the USSR.

  • Who do you think hold the most power?

UN: Based out of

New York.

Why do you suppose that is?

Truman Doctrine

  • Truman would support any country in Europe that rejected Communism

Marshall Plan

  • June 1947 US secretary of state, George Marshall, proposed that the US give aid to any European country that needed it

The Berlin Blockade/Airlift

  • 1948 US, GB, & France withdraw troops- time to let Germany Unify

  • The Soviet Union held West Berlin hostage

Response to Rival Alliances: NATO

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  • 10 European countries the US and Canada

Soviet Response to NATO:Warsaw Pact

  • Soviets formed Alliance consisting of Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania

Nuclear Weapons & Cold War

  • US already had the atomic bomb

  • 1949 the USSR got the atomic bomb

  • What does this mean to the US?

  • November 1952 the US H-Bomb

  • Eisenhower, president in 1953 Brinkmanship(going to the edge of war)

  • The Arms Racebegins


  • October 4, 1957 the Soviets

  • First ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missiles)

  • Americans feel behind in science and math

Open Skies Policy

  • Soviet Union rejects

  • US flies secret missions

  • The U-2 incident

“HOT” events of the “COLD” WAR

Civil War In China

  • War between the nationalists and the communists in China

  • Mao Zedong led the communists in the north

  • Chaing Kia – Shek led the nationalists in the south

  • 1942-45 the US sent the nationalists $2.5 million

  • New Policies in communist China

  • 1958 Mao proclaimed the “Great Leap Forward”

    • Communes–

    • Mao lost support targeted young people

    • “Red Guard”

    • “Cultural Revolution”

Korean War

  • Korea was divided at the 38th parallel

  • June 25, 1950

  • President Truman consulted the UN and 15 nations voted to protect S Korea

  • Led by Douglas Macarthur by 1953

  • Vietnam War

  • Ho Chi Mihn–North

  • Ngo Dinh Diem – Placed in power--- south

    • communist guerrillas VEITCONG

  • President Lyndon B Johnson escalated

  • President Nixon planned for the VIETNAMIZATION

  • 1.5 million Vietnamese died and 58,000 Americans

Cuba Revolution!!

  • 1950’s the US supported dictator Fulgenico Batista

  • A lawyer named Fidel Castro

  • We imposed an embargo on Cuba

Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev built 42 missile sites in Cuba in July 1962.

  • President Kennedy imposed a quarantine

  • Khrushchev

Middle East Conflict:So Who’s Land Is It?

Three major groups:

  • Arabs-Muslims (Islam) culture/ethnicity comes from ______________ Empire that controlled during___________

    • Have a stake in Middle East because___________

  • Jewish- Judaism Culture originated in ___________ which is why___________

  • Christians- Founder of the faith was________ who resided in_________

  • Who do you believe the land belongs to??

  • Arab (Palestinian)—Israeli (Jewish) Conflict

    • British control of Palestine after WWI---.

    • After WWII (and Holocaust) International sympathy for the Jewish community—Palestine becomes Israel 1948

    • Arabs/Islamic/Palestinian displaced

    U.N. and the Middle East

    • May 14, 1948- Jewish take control of most of the Palestine

    • U.N. Sets aside land for the Palestinians but Jews take much of it!

    • Palestine is now Israel

    • Conflict Breaks out!!

    • Israel now depends on the United States for SUPPORT!!

    • 6 Day War—Israelis have the support of the US—each time there is conflict—taking in more territory

    Arab (Palestinian)—Israeli (Jewish) Conflict

    Arab response to displacement:

    • PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) led by Yassir Arafat

    • 6 Day War—Israelis have the support of the US—each time there is conflict—taking in more territory

    • PLO Terrorist group bring constant conflict

      • 1978 PLO kills 8 Israeli the Munich Olympians at games

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