What is culture
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What is Culture?. Why must we understand culture?. WHO has culture?. To avoid misunderstandings from a lack of knowledge Example : Eleanor who moves here from Hong Kong Everyone is born into a culture Its inherited by parents/grandparents It shapes our lives

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What is culture

What is Culture?

Created by C. Amaya

Why must we understand culture
Why must we understand culture?

WHO has culture?

  • To avoid misunderstandings from a lack of knowledge

    • Example: Eleanor who moves here from Hong Kong

  • Everyone is born into a culture

    • Its inherited by parents/grandparents

    • It shapes our lives

  • To avoid being ethnocentric; stopping the label of the “ugly American”

    Ethnocentrism – means to judge other cultures negatively & narrow-mindedly

    • We need to avoid this if possible

Elements of culture
Elements of Culture

Which family structure term

would be used to

describe everyone, including:

your parents, siblings,

grandparents, cousins,

Aunts/uncles, friends, etc…

  • Social Organization

    • Family structure

      • Nuclear family

      • Extended family

    • Social classes

      • Born into your class in the past

      • Today, there is more opportunity for social mobility

  • Customs and Traditions

    • Rules of behavior

  • Language is the cornerstone of culture

    • Identity, expression


Why has religion

been the cause

of so many wars?

  • Cultures usually share religious beliefs.

  • Religion helps people answer basic questions about the meaning and purpose of life.

    • Also supports the values a group of people consider important.

  • History has played a central role in shaping the religion of a society

Religious diversity


Worship of one god


Worship of more than one god.

Religion spreads…

Religious differences still cause major problems around the world today.

List of major religions:






Religious diversity

Forms of government

Why are they formed?


people or person who holds power in a society

society’s laws and political institutions

Who organizes governments?

Types of government:

Democracy – a government where the power rests in the hands of the people. Govt. can act only with their consent.

Autocracy - ruler or small group of rulers who hold unlimited power. Usually rule by force.

Note: There are more specific types of government within these 2 categories

Forms of government