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CROYDON ECLIPSE. CROYDON ECLIPSE. What is Child Sexual Exploitation?

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What is Child Sexual Exploitation?

“any involvement of a child or young person below 18 in sexual activity for which a remuneration of cash or ‘in kind’ is given to the child or young person, or a third party or person. The perpetrator will have power over the young person by virtue of one or more of the following: age, emotional maturity, gender, physical strength and intellect " (Palmer, 2001)

Working together
Working Together

  • Co-located

  • Child centred approach

  • Information Sharing

  • Working knowledge of multi-agency protocols

  • Experienced CP Detectives

  • Knowledge of CP legislation

  • Therapeutic services

  • Advocacy model of support

  • Offer a flexible range of short & long term interventions

The financial impact
The Financial Impact

Largest youth population in MPS - Highest number of LAC children in MPS

  • 76% of people missing in Croydon during 2008 were children

  • Over 70% were children placed within the Croydon Care System

  • Each missing child report takes 5 hours Police time at a cost of £1200

  • Costs escalate when it becomes a protracted enquiry

  • Impact on Police response to emergency calls

Case study
Case Study

  • Suspect in crimes, including armed robbery, burglary, theft, arson and assault

  • MFH on11 occasions totalling 100 days

  • Taken into PP on 3 occasions in 2008

  • Police contact on 60 occasions, not crime related.

  • Eclipse direct intervention - S2 Abduction notice which served to assist in locating child.

  • Engagement with Barnardo's worker whilst in secure accommodation

  • Secure order obtained and child placed into accommodation until aged 16:

  • IMPACT: Making Croydon a safer place by reducing crime against persons

  • Improving health outcomes and life chances of child

  • Reducing Police expenditure on dealing with criminality and welfare

In summary
In summary

  • The need to safeguard & promote the welfare of children is paramount

  • Children have a right to protection and a right to access the Criminal Justice System

    ‘Positive outcomes for children are maximised when agencies work together and co-ordinate their activity’

    (Pan London Protocol 2005)