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Lessons 17-21 Derivatives. b ellum: war. b ellicose : (adj.) inclined or eager to fight Some bellicose hockey players seem to spend more time fighting than playing. b elligerent: (adj.) hostile, combative

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B ellum war
bellum: war

  • bellicose: (adj.) inclined or eager to fight

  • Some bellicose hockeyplayers seem to spend more time fighting than playing.

  • belligerent: (adj.) hostile, combative

  • The coach became quite belligerent and spit at an umpire after being thrown out of the game.

V erus true
verus: true

  • veracity: (noun) truthfulness

  • We questioned the veracity of his statements.

  • verity: (noun) the state of being true

  • No one is questioning your verity—just your memory of events that happened long ago.

A equus even fair just
aequus: even, fair, just

  • equity (1): (noun) freedom from bias or favoritism

  • Everyone liked the equity of the decision.

  • equity (2): (noun) the value of a piece of property after subtracting any debts that remain

  • We’ve been building up the equity in our home.

A equus even fair just1
aequus: even, fair, just

  • equanimity: (noun) calm emotions when dealing with problems or pressure

  • She accepted her misfortunes with equanimity. [=she did not become upset; she remained calm]

A uxilium aid help
auxilium: aid, help

  • auxiliary: (adj.) available to provide extra help, power, etc., when it is needed

  • The boat had an auxiliary motor in case of emergencies.

Cedo move retreat yield
cedo: move, retreat, yield

  • cede: (verb) to give control of (something) to another person, group, government, etc.

  • The man had to cede his argument to the opposition.

Ago do drive live discuss spend time
ago: do, drive, live, discuss, spend time

  • agenda: (noun) a list of things to be considered or done

  • The meeting’s agenda was very long.

Debeo owe ought
debeo: owe, ought

  • debit: (noun) an amount of money that is taken from an account

  • I forgot to include some debits when balancing my check book.

  • debenture: (adj.) a type of bond (economic)

  • He invested in some debenture bonds.

Rego rule
rego: rule

  • regent: (noun) a person who rules or reigns

  • Some universities are governed by a board of regents.

Efficio bring about produce
efficio: bring about, produce

  • efficacious: (adj.) effective

  • The medicine proved to be efficacious for her cough.