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Scientific Method

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Scientific Method. Life Science Mr. P. Problem. You and your friend both walk to school. You are neighbors. You insist your way is faster. He insists his way is faster. How would you figure out which is faster?. Think. Think about how you would solve this problem. Pair.

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scientific method

Scientific Method

Life Science

Mr. P

  • You and your friend both walk to school. You are neighbors. You insist your way is faster. He insists his way is faster. How would you figure out which is faster?
  • Think about how you would solve this problem
  • Pair up with your neighbor
  • Share with your neighbor what you would do to solve this problem
  • You are outside and you look at the plants and trees. You begin to wonder why trees grow up. What do you think causes that to happen?
  • Think to yourself
  • Pair up with your neighbor
  • Share with your neighbor
starter 8 10 10
Starter 8/10/10
  • Question:

What is Science?

so how can we figure it out
So how can we figure it out
  • So we see plants grow straight up. We think that it is because of the sun. How can we see if this is right?
scientific method1
Scientific Method

You just did the scientific method!!!

scientific method2
Scientific Method
  • The scientific method is a series of steps that are followed to help solve a problem
  • Science is all about looking around us and making observations and trying to explain what is happening.
scientific method3
Scientific Method
  • The most important step in science is to make observations
  • This is not as easy as it seems
problems with observations
Problems with Observations
  • Every year in the spring, the Nile River flooded areas of Egypt along the river, leaving behind nutrient-rich mud that enabled the people to grow that year’s crop of food. However, along with the muddy soil, large numbers of frogs appeared that weren’t around in drier times.

Where did the frogs come from?

problems with observations1
Problems with Observations
  • The Egyptians once figured that the muddy soil gave rise to the frogs.
problems with observations2
Problems with Observations
  • Before you, is a fossilized fish. We will be looking at these this year. When Aristotle, the smartest guy of his time, was first showed this, the idea of fossils never existed. Therefore he was asked what it was….
problems with observations3
Problems with Observations
  • He figured that this is a living fish, that is slowly swimming through the rock. The reason you cant see it moving is because rock is hard to swim through.
  • Obviously he was wrong
scientific method4
Scientific Method
  • The first step of the scientific method is careful observation
scientific method5
Scientific Method
  • This observation, once studied, will lead to something called a hypothesis.
scientific method6
Scientific Method
  • A hypothesis is your best guess at what is happening.
scientific method7
Scientific Method
  • Examples of Hypotheses:
    • The frogs coming from the mud
    • The fish is swimming through the rock
    • The sun is causing the plant to bend
    • My way to school is fastest
develop a hypothesis
Develop a Hypothesis
  • You are watching TV and all of a sudden, the TV goes off. You look for the remote and can not find it.
develop a hypothesis1
Develop a Hypothesis
  • What are some possible hypotheses?
scientific method8
Scientific Method
  • The third step is to develop an experiment to test your hypothesis
scientific method9
Scientific Method
  • You then run the experiment and collect data.
  • Data is anything you observe or can measure
  • Examples are observations, temperature, distance, speed, time, weight, etc
scientific method10
Scientific Method
  • The final step of the scientific method is forming your conclusions.
  • This is when you analyze your data and draw conclusions.
lets try this out
Lets try this out
  • Here is a worksheet that we are going to work on together.
terrance bogg
Terrance Bogg
  • Terrance Bogg, a well-known billionaire, is found dead on the floor of his office at 7:00 pm Saturday evening. He has been shot through the chest. Detective Green is called to solve the mystery.
terrence bogg
Terrence Bogg
  • Detective Green discovers the following facts:
    • Bogg was shot with a 9mm handgun. The handgun is not in the office now.
    • The maid heard the shot at 4:50 pm, but he thought it was a car back-firing
    • The crime scene investigators who looked at the body at 7:45 pm said Bogg had been dead for three to four hours.
    • Two people had threatened Boggs.
      • Mr. Stokes hated him because Bogg was ruining his business
      • Ms. Jones was fired as Bogg’s secretary last week. She was seen at a local bar yelling that “Boggs should be shot!”
terrence bogg1
Terrence Bogg
  • Mr. Stokes says he was at a party from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday afternoon
  • Ms. Jones was in a car accident at 3:00pm on Saturday and has been in the hospital ever since with a broken leg and arm
  • Mr. Stokes’ wife said he left the party at 4:30 to go to see his financial planner
  • Mr. Stokes’ financial planner said he has not seen Mr. Stokes in over a month.
lets fill in the first column
Lets fill in the first column
  • Problem:

Who shot mr.bogg?

  • Observations:


  • Hypothesis:
  • Mr. Stokes shot mr.bogg
terrence boggs
Terrence Boggs
  • After searching Mr. Stokes’ house, Detective Green finds the 9mm gun and identify it as the same gun used to kill Mr. Boggs.
lets finish the first column
Lets finish the first column
  • Experiment:
  • Search mr. stokes’ house
  • Data:
  • Found the gun
  • Conclusion:
  • Mr. stokes killed mr.bogg
starter 8 11 2010
Starter 8/11/2010
  • Question:

What is a hypothesis?

lets try another
Lets try another
  • In front of you is two beakers of water. One beaker has a soda, while the other has a regular (non-diet) soda.
lets fill in the second column
Lets fill in the second column
  • Problem:
  • Observations:
  • Hypothesis:
lets finish the second column
Lets finish the second column
  • Experiment:
  • Data:
  • Conclusion:
create your own
Create your own
  • Now try one with your partner (you both are writing down your answers)
  • Problem: Which is the better stain fighting detergent?
  • Observations: Both Tide and Cheer advertise that they do a better job at fighting stains on clothing
  • Now fill out the rest….
starter 8 12 2010
Starter 8/12/2010
  • Question:
    • Put the following steps in order for the scientific method
      • Conclusion
      • Hypothesis
      • Observation
      • Problem
      • Data
      • Experiment