Introduction to transportation system
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Introduction to transportation system - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to transportation system. Transportation system.

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Introduction to transportation system

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Introduction to transportation system

Transportation system

  • Consisting of the fixed facilities, the flow entities, and the control system that permit people and goods to overcome the friction of geographical space efficiently in order to participate in a timely manner in some desired activity.

Fixed facilities

  • Physical components of the system that are fixed in space and constitute the network of links ( roadway segments, railway track, and pipes) and nodes (intersections, interchanges) of the transportation systems.

  • Their design includes soil and foundation engineering, structural design, the design of drainage systems, and geometric design

Flow entities

  • They include vehicles, railroad cars etc.

  • In case of highway system the fixed facilities are expected to accommodate a wide variety of vehicle types ranges from bicycles to large tractor-trailer combination.

Control system

  • Consists of vehicular control and flow control.

  • Vehicular control refers to the technological way in which individual vehicles are guided on the fixed facilities. Such control can be manual or automated.

  • Flow control system consist of the means that permit the efficient and smooth operation of streams of vehicles and reduction of conflicts between vehicles.

  • This system includes various types of signing, marking and signal system.

Transportation demand

  • Transportation system are built to serve people in undertaking their economic, social and cultural activities.

  • People normally do not travel for the sake of movement but to fulfill their certain needs.

  • Similarly workers do not place themselves in the middle of the morning and evening rush hours because they enjoy traffic congestion but because their work schedules require it.

Transportation demand

  • Transportation engineers are concerned with accommodating these social activities by providing efficient ways to satisfy the population’s needs for mobility.

Modes of Transportation

  • Land

  • Water

  • Air

Modes of Transportation

Elements of Transportation

There are three main elements of automobile transportation:

  • The road users (Drivers and pedestrians)

  • The vehicle

  • The road way and geometric design

Phases of planning


  • Identification of project alternatives

  • Selection of the best alternative


  • Construction of the project

  • Operation and Maintenance

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