Electronic commerce enabling solutions for small to medium enterprises
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Electronic Commerce Enabling Solutions for Small to Medium Enterprises - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Electronic Commerce Enabling Solutions for Small to Medium Enterprises. Electronic Commerce will be the global method of conducting business in the near future!. ARE YOU READY!. WHY ARE WE HERE?.

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Electronic commerce will be the global method of conducting business in the near future

Electronic Commerce will be the Enterprisesglobal method of conducting business in the near future!


Why are we here

WHY ARE WE HERE? Enterprises

The industry is aware of the time and resources required to integrate Electronic Commerce in small organizations. We are here to help!

PRESENTATION : Enterprises


  • Gain a general understanding of EDI and the flow of information using this process.

  • Transmit information to help you make an informed decision on which EC solution best suits your business needs.

Barriers to electronic commerce
Barriers to Electronic Commerce Enterprises

  • Perceived as too costly $$$

  • Do not see any tangible benefits (show me the money!!)

  • Complex

  • Lack of understanding of EDI

Electronic commerce edi
Electronic Commerce Enterprises& EDI

  • EDI - Electronic Data Interchange is at the core of Electronic Commerce since it provides the means for communicating business transactions across all industries and all companies with little human intervention.

Electronic commerce edi1
Electronic Commerce Enterprises& EDI

  • All the various solutions outlined today have one common theme; they provide a means to communicate using EDI.

Why use electronic commerce
Why Use Electronic EnterprisesCommerce

  • Electronic Commerce (EC) allows information and money to move more rapidly, without error, and eliminates non-value added tasks.

  • EC supports business strategies that allow organizations to offer products and services of better quality, at competitive prices with a better service.

Benefits of ec implementation

Benefits of EC implementation Enterprises

Supplier has the opportunity to sell product within a large distribution network $$$$$$$$$$

Benefits of electronic commerce
Benefits of Electronic EnterprisesCommerce

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Provides Customer Service

  • Helps get products to the consumer faster and at a lower cost.

Manufacturing : Just In Time (JIT) Enterprises(ex : GM)

supplies and materials delivered

when required for production

Retail : Quick Response (QR) ( Sears)

A program using bar codes to track sales and trigger

timely reordering of inventory using EDI

Grocery : Efficient Consumer Response (ECR)



Product Activity Data Enterprises




By product :

- On Hand

- On Order

- Sold





By product : quantity

Purchase Order


Vendor Managed


Vendor takes responsibility for managing the inventory

at the wholesale distribution level


Imperial Tobacco

Imperial Tobacco

Edi small company solutions
EDI - Small Company Solutions Enterprises

  • PC with general EDI translator

What Is EDI ? Enterprises

Exchange of structured information between

two or more business partners, from one computer to another according to a standardized format

“EDI is a high-speed method of electronic communication

that facilitates the exchange of high volume of business

data from one computer to another.

Data is presented in a standardized format that provides

for generating, receiving and processing information

with no human intervention.”

Price Waterhouse

Why edi
Why EDI? Enterprises

  • Customers as a request or as a must

  • Suppliers as a request or as a must

  • Competitive advantage

  • Cost/Saving analysis

  • EDI is at the heart of Electronic Commerce (EC) due to the fact it supports the different business strategies

Business Enterprises













Technical Enterprises



Business Application

Application Interface

Translation Software or EDI software


EDI Standards

Hardware Enterprises

Personal Computer P/C

Mini or Midsize Computer

Main Frame or Maxi Computer

Business applications
Business Applications Enterprises

  • Business applications are all the applications that create or process a business document

    • EX :850 Purchase Orders 810 Invoices 852 Product Activity 855 PO Acknowledgment 879 Price Change 888 Item Maintenance 856 Ship Notice Manifest or ASN

Application interface
Application Interface Enterprises

  • An application interface is the application that creates or processes the input/output file for the translator (EDI software )

  • EDI must be fully integrated to add value to your organization.

Translation software
Translation EnterprisesSoftware

  • The translation software translates the input file from the application interface into an EDI file according to a given standard and vice versa

  • There are two very basic functions : 1- Generate (into EDI ) 2- Interpret (from EDI)

  • There are many more functions

Communication Enterprises

  • Modem

  • Line

  • Software Establish the link between the user’s computer and the VAN (Value Added Network)

Value added network van
Value Added Network (VAN) Enterprises

  • Manage the distribution, verification and storage of EDI transactions.

    Examples of Value added Networks:

  • Bell

  • Advantis

  • GEIS

  • Ordernet













Edi standards

  • The EDI standards are an elaborate language of codes.

  • The standards define the vocabulary as well as the syntax and the structure rule for the EDI transactions.

  • The EDI standards are updated on a regular basis.

Edi standards1

  • There are two major EDI standards

    X 12 and EDIFACT

  • Within the X 12 standard there are subsets:

    UCS VICS WINS etc...

  • Within these subsets are different versions:

    3030, 3040, 4010 etc...

EDI Trading Enterprises



Supplier / Warehouse

Customs / Brokers

Retailer / Manufacturer


Buyer`s Bank

Suppliers Bank

EDI - PC with EDI Translator Enterprises

  • PC Windows-based EDI translation software that translates from EDI standards into application flat file format and vice versa.

Edi pc with edi translator
EDI - PC with EnterprisesEDI translator

Edi tangible benefits
EDI : Tangible EnterprisesBenefits

  • Reduce office supply costs

  • Reduce postal and courier costs

  • Reduce telephone costs

  • Reduce data entry and errors

  • Reduce processing time

  • Reduce cost of float on funds transfer

  • Reduce A/R days

  • Reduce inventory

  • Eliminate Stock Outs

Edi tangible benefits1
EDI : Tangible EnterprisesBenefits

  • Improve customer service

  • Increased access to timely information

  • Increase the data reliability and quality

  • Foster closer internal/external working relationships

Conclusion evaluate your business
Conclusion - Evaluate Your Business Enterprises

  • Before making the decision to invest in EDI technology, you must evaluate your business and identify all internal processes that can be improved. You must also commit to implementing a full cycle of transactions in order to reap the benefits of EDI.

Edi small company solutions1
EDI - Small Company Solutions Enterprises

  • PC with general EDI translator

  • PC with specific EDI software ( E-Forms)

E forms
E-Forms Enterprises

  • PC Forms-based Trading Partner specific solution to send and receive business documents via EDI as required.

E forms1
E-Forms Enterprises

Edi small company solutions2
EDI - Small Company Solutions Enterprises

  • PC with general EDI translator

  • PC with specific EDI software ( E-Forms)

  • Web EDI

Web edi
Web EDI Enterprises

  • Internet-based trading partner specific solution

Web edi1
Web EDI Enterprises

Edi small company solutions3
EDI - Small Company Solutions Enterprises

  • PC with general EDI translator

  • PC with specific EDI software ( E-Forms)

  • Web EDI

  • Fax to EDI

Fax to edi
Fax to EDI Enterprises

  • Hub transmits EDI transaction to service provider, document is converted to fax format and sent to trading partner. Inbound documents are transmitted in fax format and converted to EDI and transmitted to Hub.

Fax to edi1
Fax to EDI Enterprises

Edi small company solutions4
EDI - Small Company Solutions Enterprises

  • PC with general EDI translator

  • PC with specific EDI software ( E-Forms)

  • Web EDI

  • Fax to EDI

  • Service Bureau

Edi service bureau
EDI - Service EnterprisesBureau

  • 3rd party solution for low-end small companies to convert information into EDI standard format and deliver to trading partner.

How to get more information
How to Get More EnterprisesInformation

  • [email protected]

  • or

  • Electronic Commerce Council Of Canada

  • (416) 510-8039 or 1-800-567-7084

  • or

  • Visit the ECCC “Knowledge Network” http://www.eccc.org