Making the job a lifelong passion
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Making the Job a Lifelong Passion PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making the Job a Lifelong Passion. BPS Doctoral Consortium, August 2013 Margie Peteraf Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. In My Case…. A Reframing. Finding Satisfaction in Your Job and Staying Motivated Throughout your Career. In The Pre-Tenure Phase. The Motivation Part is Simple….

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Making the Job a Lifelong Passion

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Making the Job a Lifelong Passion

BPS Doctoral Consortium, August 2013

Margie Peteraf

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

In My Case….

A Reframing

Finding Satisfaction in Your Job and Staying Motivated Throughout your Career

In The Pre-Tenure Phase

  • The Motivation Part is Simple…

…Since This is the Alternative

  • “It’s publish or perish and he hasn’t published.”

In The Post-Tenure Phase

  • The fear factor is gone and you can relax a bit

  • “Today, class, I’m proud to announce my tenure.”

Charting Your Path Post-Tenure

  • In the pre-tenure phase, we must teach well, do some service, and make a significant research contribution

    • But at nearly all schools, the clear emphasis is on the research

      • That’s the real ticket to getting tenure!

  • But post tenure, you have more of an opportunity to chart the course of your career

There Is No One Right Way!

So Ask Yourself:

What am I good at and what do I enjoy doing most

How can I contribute most to this profession and best spend my time?

How can I make a difference?

The Choice to Focus on Teaching

  • May involve relocating to a school where this is more highly valued

    • May involve a choice not to pursue tenure in the first place

  • Might suggest a shift in types of publications

    • Cases; research articles on the craft of teaching; video cases

  • May involve writing a textbook

  • May involve writing books for practicing managers

    • Greater involvement with executive education around the world

    • More opportunities for consulting

The Choice to Focus on Service

  • This type of choice more often presents itself in the latter part of your career, after you have reached “full” status

  • But you can begin to see if this is your “passion” earlier

    • Chairing committees at your school; organizing speaker series, etc

    • Volunteering for BPS, AOM, SMS – many opportunities exist

    • Taking on editorial responsibilities at the journals

  • Later in your career, other opportunities open up

    • Shift to an administrative role or full time job

      • Assistant or associate deanships

      • A position as a Dean, Provost, or President

The Choice to Focus on Research

  • Pre tenure, many of us are focused on increasing the number of our publications

    • Constrains us to not stray far from our core topics/expertise area

  • Post tenure, opportunities open up

    • Remember what tenure is supposed to be about:


Changing Directions Post Tenure

  • You can now pursue your full range of interests!

    • Branch out into new research areas

      • Pursue boundary spanning or cross disciplinary research

        • Collaborate with new (and new types of) colleagues

    • Take risks with unconventional topics, approaches

    • Pursue additional learning opportunities

      • Retool if necessary

        • Sabbaticals are a great time to do this!

Changing Attitudes Post Tenure

  • E.g. The Review Process

Review Process Example

  • I now have a better understanding of my true role as a reviewer

    • Not to show off my knowledge or to be critical, but to find the gem in a paper and help the authors showcase it most fruitfully

  • And I have a better appreciation of even critical reviewers

    • They allow my research to be the best it can be!

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