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People Want to Know!. HBD = Harrison’s Bird Foods. HBD. No added colors No kiddy shapes No artificial flavors or smells No fruits and vegetables. HBD. No soak and sprout No cook No pressed or coated seed products. GIMMICKS SELL!!!!. Supplements?. NO!!!

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People Want to Know!

HBD = Harrison’s Bird Foods

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  • No added colors

  • No kiddy shapes

  • No artificial flavors or smells

  • No fruits and vegetables

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  • No soak and sprout

  • No cook

  • No pressed or coated seed products

Supplements l.jpg

  • NO!!!

  • Unless the ones on the bag they lead to breeding

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  • Alex is thirty on HBD

  • Gets seed and nut supplements

  • Still picks

Read the back of the bag l.jpg

  • Best results

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Organic on Harrison’s

  • Organic seeds are still unbalanced

  • Want organic seeds for Zoo, aviculture, finches or canary’s? – use Wild Wings

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Organic organic l.jpg
Organic & Organic recommended for pets!

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Organic Certified? recommended for pets!

If not on label not -certified!!!

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HBD recommended for pets!

  • SSF from Brazil under sustainable conditions, not from Malaysia so not hurting orangutans

  • Spirulina - no metals, no mycotoxins

  • Peanuts - no mycotoxins

No therapeutic diets l.jpg
No therapeutic diets? recommended for pets!

  • No research to show need

  • No research to show better than Harrison’s !

  • Seed support = AVIx

Hbd no food price increase ever l.jpg
HBD - No Food Price Increase Ever! recommended for pets!

  • Shipping has gone up

  • Many other 50% cheaper a decade ago

  • Now often more than Harrison’s on a per pound basis

Confidence through research l.jpg
Confidence through research! recommended for pets!

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  • The Magic of Parrot Breeding... blood biochemistryJohn Stoodley (HTML)

  • Do Birds Care About the Appearance of Their Food?

  • Standards in the Organic Food Industry

Ask the bird guy is back l.jpg
Ask the Bird Guy is back! blood biochemistry

Click to access database of over 3000 F.A.Q.s

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People Want to Know! blood biochemistry

  • We have answers

  • Customers from veterinarians and companies call HBD for answers

Www harrisonsbirdfoods com l.jpg blood biochemistry

  • Handbook For A Healthier Bird -FreeQuick .pdf download of Harrison 's 41 page informational-reference booklet. A must read for all pet bird owners.

Education l.jpg
Education blood biochemistry

  • AMPA one chapter a month $99 for book

  • CAM

    • IVIS one chapter a month

Rancidity l.jpg
Rancidity blood biochemistry

  • CAM page 111

  • Learn to smell and taste

Storage l.jpg
Storage blood biochemistry

  • The bag is the secrete

  • CAM page 113

Samples l.jpg
Samples blood biochemistry

  • HBD has free samples

  • Cost less than bagging from bags – just food alone. Sample bag, time etc extra

Power treats with organic palm fruit oil ssf l.jpg


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Indications: blood biochemistry-Dry flaky skin (beak, nails), balding of the feet, lack of sheen and proper color to feathers.-aging birds on formulated -African Grey Parrots, Hyacinth Macaws and Palm Cockatoos.

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Pain & Suffering!!! cataracts to have regressed.

HBD funded studies

  • All birds on seed diets tested have had osteodystrophy

  • All birds on seeds tested have hadarthrosclerosis

Research committee for royal college of veterinary surgeons l.jpg
Research committee for Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons cataracts to have regressed.

  • Can not use a control group on seeds as is cruel!

Thank you l.jpg
THANK YOU cataracts to have regressed.