Overcoming Obstacles
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Overcoming Obstacles . In Starting A WHP Programme. Presented By Foo Wah Teng Eastman Chemical Singapore Pte Ltd 28th October 2004. Introduction To Eastman. Manufacturer of OXO chemicals - N-butanol, 2 Ethyl Hexanol, Neo Pentyl Glycol (NPG), Texanol and TXIB plasticizer.

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Overcoming Obstacles

In Starting A WHP Programme

Presented By

Foo Wah Teng

Eastman Chemical Singapore Pte Ltd

28th October 2004

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Introduction to eastman l.jpg
Introduction To Eastman

  • Manufacturer of OXO chemicals - N-butanol, 2 Ethyl Hexanol, Neo Pentyl Glycol (NPG), Texanol and TXIB plasticizer.

  • Our products goes primarily to resins, coatings, and vinyl compounding markets.

  • Located in Jurong Island (since 1997).

  • Headcount – 94 employees.

  • Headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA.

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Eastman's Experience......

Initial Obstacles

In Starting A WHP Programme

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Initial obstacles l.jpg
Initial Obstacles

  • Management Support

  • Programme Organization

  • Programme Planning & Implementation

  • Marketing the Programme

  • Programme Comprehensiveness

  • Programme Evaluation

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Obstacles management support l.jpg
Obstacles – Management Support

  • Management is not aware of WHP activities.

  • Management does not know enough to provide leadership.

  • Management is not active in participation and in promoting participation.

  • Management did not allocate a dedicated budget for WHP.

  • Allocation of manpower resources and time for meetings, organizing and implementing activities.

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Obstacles program organization l.jpg
Obstacles – Program Organization

  • No specific structure for WHP programme

    • Social & Recreation Committee organizes ad hoc activities for employees.

  • No committee for WHP programme

  • No experience in running WHP Programme

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Obstacles planning implementation l.jpg
Obstacles – Planning & Implementation

  • No formal data collection.

  • Programme has no goals and objectives.

  • Develop and implement a WHP programme.

  • Different Work Schedule (Shift, Non-Shift).

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Obstacles marketing the program l.jpg
Obstacles – Marketing the Program

  • Not enough coverage on marketing of the program.

  • Not enough resources.

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Obstacles programme comprehensiveness l.jpg
Obstacles – Programme Comprehensiveness

  • Focuses on social activities

    (eg: Family Day and Dinner & Dance).

  • No Fitness Center / Canteen.

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Obstacles evaluation l.jpg
Obstacles – Evaluation

  • No evaluation process in place to measure the change in attitude, knowledge health status and health practices.

  • No documentation and analysis of data, such as participation rate, etc.

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Slide11 l.jpg

Eastman's Experience......


Initial Obstacles

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Overcoming obstacles l.jpg
Overcoming Obstacles

  • Management Support

  • Programme Organization

  • Programme Planning & Implementation

  • Marketing the Programme

  • Programme Comprehensiveness

  • Programme Evaluation

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Slide13 l.jpg

Overcoming Obstacles ...

Management Support

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Management support l.jpg
Management Support

  • Management has been educated on WHP, and now sees WHP programme as a part of business strategy, competitiveness, sustainable growth and a healthy workforce.

  • Management takes a keen interest in WHP programme outcome.

  • Management actively participates and promotes participation.

  • Adequate manpower and finances are allocated to WHP programme.

  • Employee Well-Being is part of company's core values. We strive to have a safe, healthy, and desirable workplace.

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Slide15 l.jpg

Overcoming Obstacles ...

Programme Organization

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Eastman s whp programme guiding principles l.jpg
Eastman's WHP Programme - Guiding Principles

  • Programme Mission

  • Programme Vision

  • Programme Goals

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Program mission l.jpg
Program Mission

  • Eastman considers employees' health, wellness and safety to be top priorities.

  • We aim to achieve :


    Helping Eastman Achieve Lifelong Total Health

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Program vision l.jpg
Program Vision

  • A cost effective health and wellness program for employees that promotes optimum healthylifestyle results and reduced health care costs for Eastman.

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Program goals l.jpg
Program Goals

  • To assess and raise the Eastman Employees’ awareness of their health, improve ability to modify lifestyle behavior, decrease their susceptibility to injury, and assist in controlling health care costs for Eastman.

  • Improve Eastman’s employees’productivity and functionality through preventive interventions and health programs.

  • Increase employees’ participation in all health programs.

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Approach l.jpg

  • The Health & Wellness program is managed by the Health & Wellness Committee.

  • The H & W Committee also work closely with the Social & Recreation Committee and the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Committee to integrate and roll out the activities and intervention plans.

  • The H & W activities and intervention plans are determined and implemented through analysis of information from surveys, health screening results, needs assessment, and feedback from employees.

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Slide21 l.jpg

Eastman's WHP Committees

General Manager

HR Manager / Advisor

Health, Safety &











  • Health,

  • Safety

  • &

  • Environment

  • Committee

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Recognition l.jpg

  • Contributions of committee members are formally recognized by management and are rewarded for participation.

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Slide23 l.jpg

Overcoming Obstacles ...

Programme Planning & Implementation

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Programme planning implementation l.jpg
Programme Planning & Implementation

  • Needs Assessment

    • Social & Recreation Survey

    • Lifestyle Survey

    • Employee Health Screening

  • Design & Develop Programme

  • Implement Programme

    • Managed By the Committees

    • Interest Groups

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Social recreation survey l.jpg
Social & Recreation Survey

  • This survey was conducted in Oct 2002.

  • The purpose is to seek employees' feedback on the activities that they would like the company to organize, which will help to promote healthy lifestyle and build social and community interactions.

  • It is through this survey data that the health & wellness programs were identified for Year 2003.

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Lifestyle survey l.jpg
Lifestyle Survey

  • A Lifestyle Survey was conducted in Apr / May 2003 to find out :

    • how often employees exercise

    • duration of exercise

    • the types of sports activities employees are involved in

    • number of smokers

  • The purpose of this survey is :

    • to understand the lifestyle of employees

    • gather data for needs assessments

    • identify intervention programs

    • benchmark to measure lifestyle / behavior changes

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Slide27 l.jpg

Overcoming Obstacles ...

Marketing the Programme

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Marketing the programme l.jpg
Marketing The Programme

  • Notice Boards

  • Emails

  • Eastman In-House Newsletter

  • Site Leadership Team Meetings

  • Employee Quarterly Communication Sessions

  • Health Promoters

  • Interest Groups

  • PC Assessable Folders

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Slide29 l.jpg

Overcoming Obstacles ...

Programme Comprehensiveness

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Programme comprehensiveness l.jpg
Programme Comprehensiveness

  • Covers for key areas

    • Physical Health

    • Occupational Health & Safety

    • Healthy Eating

    • Social Health

    • Smoking

    • Mental Health

  • Employee health is strongly advocated in company's culture.

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Eastman s health wellness program l.jpg
Eastman's Health & Wellness Program

The Health & Wellness Program is classified into the following

categories :

  • Employee Health Screening

  • Physical Health

  • Occupational Health & Safety

  • Social Health

  • Mental / Emotional Health

  • Health Talks

  • Health & Wellness Resources

  • Health Equipments

  • Flexi-Benefits Program

  • Good Attendance Incentive

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Employee health screening l.jpg
Employee Health Screening

  • Field Health Screening

  • Executive Health Screening

  • SATA Chest X-Ray

  • On-Site Audiometry Test

  • NKF Health Screening

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Basic employee health screening l.jpg
Basic Employee Health Screening

  • Conducted by NKF

  • Participated by 104 employees/contractors on

    7 & 8 Aug 2003

  • The tests conducted include :

    • Blood Cholesterol Test

    • Urinalysis

    • Blood Pressure Measurement

    • Waist Hip Ratio

    • Body Fat Analysis

    • Body Mass Index and

    • Health Counseling for employees.

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Slide34 l.jpg

Physical Health

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Health wellness programs year 2003 l.jpg
Health & Wellness Programs - Year 2003

New Paper Big Walk


Jog/Walk Session




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Slide36 l.jpg

Occupational Health



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Ergonomics talk l.jpg
Ergonomics Talk

  • Organized on 16 Sep 03.

  • Conducted by Sigi Hetzler, Senior Health Educator /Occupational Therapistfrom Hua Mei Training Centre of the TSAO Foundation.

  • Participated by over 30 employees.

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Slide38 l.jpg

Healthy Eating

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Fruits day l.jpg
Fruits Day

  • This program was started in Aug 2002.

  • Every Friday, besides subsidizing the employees' lunch, every employee is given a slice of fruit to promote eating fruits.

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Slide40 l.jpg

Social Health

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Orange eating contest l.jpg
Orange Eating Contest

Pictionary Contest

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Teambuilding l.jpg

  • To enhance teamwork spirit and employees' well being, the following events were organized:

    • Bi-monthly teambuilding dinner/ lunch gathering for Operations staff

    • Year-end departmental teambuilding dinner/ lunch gathering amongst respective departments to enhance teamwork and employees' well being.

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Family day l.jpg
Family Day

Annual Dinner & Dance

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Slide44 l.jpg

Mental / Emotional


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Open communication l.jpg
Open Communication

  • Quarterly Employee Communication

  • Personnel Interface Enhancement program(PIEP)

  • Open Door Policy

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Slide46 l.jpg

Health Talks

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Health talks l.jpg

Talk on Exercise, Balanced Diet, Mental Health & Smoking

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Slide48 l.jpg

Health & Wellness


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Health wellness resources l.jpg
Health & Wellness Resources

  • We publish health and wellness activities and information on notice boards.

  • We share and promote Health & Wellness activities and information through email,

    in-house newsletters and PC assessable folders.

  • We have a corporate Health & Wellness website that provides comprehensive health and wellness information, and it is accessible by all employees.

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Slide50 l.jpg

Health Equipments

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Health equipments l.jpg
Health Equipments

  • A blood pressure / pulse rate reader, and a body weight and fat weighing machine were purchased in June 2003 for employees to use.

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Slide52 l.jpg

Flexi-Benefits Program

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Flexi benefits program l.jpg
Flexi-Benefits Program

  • Provides all permanent employees with the flexibility to select and choose the benefits that meet their individual needs.

  • It was implemented on 1st Jan 2003.

  • In consists of 3 main components, which are :

    • Core Benefit

    • Medical Plan

    • Flexi Plan

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Slide54 l.jpg

Good Attendance


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Good attendance incentive l.jpg
Good Attendance Incentive

  • This program has been in place since Y2000 to encourage and reward employees for good attendance.

  • It covers all ECSPL full-time permanent and direct contract employees.

  • Monetary incentive / Off days are given for good medical record, depending on the category of employees.

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Slide56 l.jpg

Overcoming Obstacles ...

Programme Evaluation

Restricted Information

Workforce participation l.jpg
Workforce Participation

  • We have an average of 90% of the workforce who have participated in at least one WHP programme in Year 2003.

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Programme evaluation nkf health screening results l.jpg
Programme Evaluation – NKF Health Screening Results

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Programme evaluation nkf health screening results59 l.jpg
Programme Evaluation – NKF Health Screening Results

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Slide60 l.jpg

Employee Lifestyle Survey - April 20041. Has the Health & Wellness programs/activities organized in Year 2003* given you a better awareness & understanding of active & healthy lifestyle ?

* Referring to Health & Wellness activities organized between 1st Jan – 31st Dec 2003

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Slide61 l.jpg
Employee Lifestyle Survey - April 2004 2. Are the Health & Wellness programs/activities organized in Y2003 useful to you ?

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Employee lifestyle survey april 2004 3 what are the changes to your lifestyle now l.jpg
Employee Lifestyle Survey - April 2004 3. What are the changes to your lifestyle now ?

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Employee lifestyle survey april 2004 4 how often do you exercise l.jpg
Employee Lifestyle Survey - April 2004 4. How often do you exercise* ?

* Those who exercise 2 to more than 3 times a week

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Slide64 l.jpg
Employee Lifestyle Survey - April 2004 5. In terms of your eating habits, are you eating more healthy food now or no change as before ?

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Employee medical cost outpatient gp specialist l.jpg
Employee Medical Cost(Outpatient GP & Specialist)

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Medical leave year 2000 to 2004 l.jpg
Medical Leave – Year 2000 to 2004






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No medical claims 3 years trend l.jpg
No Medical Claims - 3 Years Trend

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Turnover rate l.jpg
Turnover Rate

  • Our Turnover Rate (Voluntary Separation) has been reduced from 15% in Year 2000 to about 5% now.

  • The industry turnover rate is about 5-6%.

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Awards l.jpg

  • MOM Safety Performance Award - Silver (2000 – 2003)

  • SCIC Responsible Care - Gold & Silver Award (2001 – 2003)

  • Singapore Family Friendly Employer Award - Certificate of Merit (2004)

  • Singapore HEALTH Award - Bronze (2004)

  • Singapore HEALTH Leader Award (2004)

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Path forward l.jpg
Path Forward

  • Continue to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

  • Organize programmes to penetrate to all levels and as wide as possible.

  • Walk The Talk.

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Slide71 l.jpg

Thank You

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