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Welcome To our lesson. Translate the following: 1.Father likes to listen to music_____________( 静静地 ). 2.Don’t make the same mistakes __________________ ( 反复地 ). 3.When a guest comes to your room,you can say to him “__________________ ( 请坐 )”.

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Welcome To our lesson

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To our lesson

Translate the following:

1.Father likes to listen to music_____________(静静地).

2.Don’t make the same mistakes __________________ (反复地).

3.When a guest comes to your room,you can say to him

“__________________ (请坐)”.

4.If possible, I’d like to _________________ (拜访) my old friend here.

5.The two cities _______________________ ( 相互连接)by a railway.

6.Xiao Wang had seen the film ___________ (很久以前).

7.________________ ( 从山上看 ), our school looks more beautiful.

8.The glass _____________ (被汤姆打破的 ) is lying on the floor.

9.________________ (多给些帮助),we will finish it earlier.

10.The house_________ (毁坏) by the storm has been rebuilt.

in silence

again and again

Have a seat,please

pay a visit to

are connected to each other

long before

Seen from the hill

broken by Tom

Given more help



The sea

Lesson 61

Talk about the picture

Listen to the tape and answer two questions:

1.Where would Bruce like to go to?

2.What are Bruce and Li Qun talking about?

Answer the following questions:

1.When did Bruce last go to the seaside?

2.How did they spend their holiday?

3.What’s Li Qun’s cousin?

4.Is Li Qun going to be a sailor when he leaves school?

5.What does Bruce suggest?

6.What does Bruce mean by saying “But don’t drown”?

7.How long can Li Qun hold his breath underwater ?

Match the words and the explanations:

1.dive A.a country’s warships

2.sailor B.shore covered with sand

3.bathe C.go head first into water

4.drown D.seaman;member of a ship

5.navy E. decide

6.beach F. swim in the sea

7.make up G.die in water because

one’s mind unable to breathe


T: Hi, What’s the matter ? You don’t look happy.

S: No, I’m not happy.

T: Why aren’t you happy?

S: The weather is too hot. I wish it were cool.

T: Let’s go swimming , shall we?

S: Sounds a good idea. Pity there is no swimming pool nearby.

Situation 1:A is not happy,because the weather is very hot.

B suggests go swimming,but there’s no swimming

pool nearby.

Situation 2:It’s the middle of the term. The mid-term examis

coming . A is tired with studies. B suggests listening to

some music ,but they have no new records.

Situation 3: There is a football match tomorrow. A is ill and can’t

go and watch it. B persuades A to have a good rest

and watches TV at home. Unluckily, the TV set is out

of order.

Complete the dialogues:

1.Jenny is talking with her father about how to spend the vocation.

Jenny: Where shall we go for our holiday, Dad? It’s so hot .

Dad: Well, I______________________ (还没拿定注意呢). I wish____________________________ (我们能去北戴河度假),but it’s a pity…

Jenny: Why?It’s certainly _____________(好注意)Can’t we go there?

Dad: No.It’s too late to book rooms in a hotel there now.

Jenny: It doesn’t matter.We can go another place.___________________?


Dad: Qingdao is a beautiful city. We can _____________(去海边).

Jenny: Great! I wish to ____________________________ (整天在海边游泳).

haven’t made up my mind

We could go to Beidaihe

a good idea

How about Qingdao

go to the seaside

spend all days bathing in the sea

2.Syd and dean are talking about the weather.

SYD: It’s a fine day, isn’t?

DEAN: Yes, but it’s a bit too windy and cold. I wish _______________________________________ (今天天气好得 多).

SYD: So do I.If it were warmer and not so windy, I would ________________________________________(骑车去西山了).

DEAN: I think you’d better go there next month ________________________________________(当天气转暖时).

the weather were much better today

go cycling to the Western Hills

when it gets warmer

Thank you

See you later!

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